The Virgin Islands are a blend of Caribbean and American cultures.   The majority of island natives can trace their ancestors to Europe and Africa. 

There are many Americans among the population as well, those who grew tired of living on the mainland and opted for the island way of life.
This mix of cultures in a land owned by the United States means you'll find American goods in the stores and supermarkets and fast food establishments among the island restaurants serving local dishes.   Don't be surprised to walk by McDonalds, Subway or Pizza Hut when in the major cities.   And if you have a hankering for Skippy peanut butter or Smucker's jelly, you'll find that too.

The official language is English and everyone speaks it.   The island music however is a blend of American artists along with calypso, reggae, blues and everything in between.  

Each of the three main islands has a distinct personality:

  • St. John is the smallest of the three and almost half of the island is a National Park .   It's much less commercial and more laid back and peaceful.
  • St. Croix is the largest island with gorgeous scenery and many historic sites.   The island is very diverse in that there are mountains and forests in the interior and beautiful white sandy beaches along the shoreline.
  • St. Thomas has beautiful beaches as well and many of the cruise ships dock here.   The capital of the islands is a tourist favorite with lovely resorts and plenty of shopping.