*Important: In the United StatesVirgin Islands you have to drive on the Left

A rental car is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to explore the island they are visiting.   There are many national and local rental agencies at the airport, from Hertz to Avis.   You can also find local and rental agencies in various city locations.   With several options you may want to shop around for the best deal.

A jeep rental is another option, especially on St. John if you're going to explore the grounds inside the National Park.   There are a few agencies that specialize in jeep rentals, L & L Jeep rental is just one, but watch out for their $50 cleaning fee (if you don't vacuum it before you bring it back) and pay attention to the time you have to return it otherwise it will be $20 an hour extra.

If you're on St. Croix and you want a fun way to tool around the island, try renting a scooter.    The helmet makes your hair look funny, but it's definitely a fun way to explore the island.

You can also travel by taxi if you prefer to leave the driving to someone else especially when you have to drive on the left.   Be aware that all taxi fares are per person, which makes the fare more than it seems at first.  Taxi service is available from the airport to island hotels.   There are always taxis at the cruise terminals as well when ships are docked. Many of the taxis can be hired for island tours, just check with a driver for more info.

When taking a taxi from the airport on STT, STX, or STJ, be aware that most of them are vans, and they don't leave until they're full.  You may well wander all over the island before you reach your hotel, depending on where you're staying.

 If you're driving a rental, it's important to know that driving practices in the islands are different and much more relaxed than in the States.  Be prepared for the driver in front of you to stop in the middle of the street to exchange greetings with a friend - blow your horn if it makes you feel better, but it won't move things along a bit faster.

 Also, and sadly, crime is a real problem on these islands.  Never leave your belongings in view in a parked car, always lock it when you leave it, and be extremely cautious about driving after dark.