Public transportation in Christiansted is in the form of buses run by the Virgin Island Transit Agency (VITRAN).  They cover several routes around the city and cost about $1 per ride, less for seniors.  The buses are air-conditioned, but are known for being slow or late much of the time.  People who may be a tight schedules should opt for a taxi instead.  Bus schedules are available at most hotels and newsstands.  VITRAN does not have a website.

Public ferry service run by the Virgin Islands Fast Ferry is also available in Christainsted for those who wish to travel to St. Thomas.  The high-speed ferry completes the trip in about 70 minutes and holds about 600 people.  The ferry service runs between November and May, and offers special service during Carnival season.  Round trip tickets for adults cost around $70 each.  For more information visit their website.