This is a fairly interesting tour, not  expensive - and because there is a lot of outdoor area and open doorways there is NOT a lot of unpleasant odor such as you might find at other breweries/distilleries.  The distillery doesn't take up a lot of ground, so it isn't a long tour. You DO, however, need to be able to climb some fairly steep metal stairways and navigate some -somewhat- tricky walkways. NOT handicap friendly. The guides are (apparently) employees who have other duties, but get "stuck" taking tours. At a  guess it's pot luck whether or not you get a top chemist or a bartender. Much like everyone on this island, you can predict they will be friendly. If you aren't the one driving, you can get totally wasted "sampling" drinks at the end of the tour. Sample = full size drinks. Since you can NO LONGER carry quantities of liquids aboard an airplane, you will have to CHECK purchases as luggage. OR - carefully pack some bottles in your suitcase. Since some airlines have decided you can only check ONE bag without paying out the ying-yang for a second one - leave room in your suitcase and see if you can get or take some bubble wrap. If you enjoy rum, you probably WILL want to take a bunch home as they aren't kidding - this is REALLY good stuff. And it's a LOT cheaper here than at home.