Miracle on Main Street is the one annual event which should not be missed by travelers heading to Charlotte Amalie.  This Christmastime event includes street performers, art openings, live music and a variety of entertainment related to the festive season.  Santa Claus even makes an annual appearance for the joy of children celebrating in the area.  More information can be found online at http://www.worldeventsguide.com/event... .

Christmas may be the time to enjoy the big festival, but there are other events going on throughout the year.   July is another big time of year in the area.   Emancipation Day (July 3 rd ) and Independence Day (July 4 th ) bring big entertainment to the area and are usually topped off with fireworks at the end of the events.   The end of July also includes an annual music festival.   More information about that is online at www.usvimf.com .

Other events throughout the year include the Summer Slam Car Show in August and Hurricane Thanksgiving Day in mid-October which celebrates the fact that no hurricanes touched down in the area that year (if indeed, none had).  Major United States holidays are also cause for celebration in Charlotte Amalie.

Additional information about these and other annual and single-time events in Charlotte Amalie and the surrounding area is available online at http://www.usvitourism.vi/en/home/vi_... .