Located in the Caribbean Sea on the Island of St. Thomas, East End enjoys beautiful, warm weather all year long.   The island is situated very close to the equator, and as such is truly tropical, meaning that its average temperature, in the high 80's, and the amount of sunlight it receives each day varies very little from month to month.  The winter months, while not cooler, are often a bit dryer than the summer.  The summers in St. Thomas and East End have a greater amount of rainfall than the rest of the year and tend to be quite humid.  However, the island does not have a long rainy season the way that some Caribbean islands do. 

In spite of the East End's unchanging temperatures, the town, and the island itself, are quite prone to hurricane threats during the season (June - November).  The Island of St. Thomas has been known to have been hit with several of the severe storms over the years, many of which have caused a great deal of damage.  If you plan to visit the island during hurricane season be sure to check weather forecasts carefully.  For an up to date weather forecast on St. Thomas's East End, click here.