Nightlife on Cruz Bay is as small as the island on which the town is located.  That said, vacationers are attracted to the bars to drink rum that has been directly distilled from molasses and sugar cane.  Cruzan rum, actually manufactured on St. Croix, is a specialty of the Virgin Islands.

Nights on Cruz Bay are made of romantic moonlit meals cooked by masters of French, Italian, and Caribbean cuisine.  Be sure to over-indulge in the heavenly dining the island offers its visitors.

St. John also hosts a Carnival festival on its island in June and July, during which time the Cruz Bay area booms with fireworks, music, dance, food, and parade.  People ferry to Cruz Bay from other Virgin Islands during this time of year to experience all the activity that surrounds the festival.

All this considered, however, island hop to St. Thomas if you demand an active nightlife any time of year.