Half Moon Cay is a private island visited by several cruise ship lines.  It is two miles of a crescent-shaped white sand beach in a beautiful setting.  There are numerous activities for the cruisers to choose from, from wildlife adventures to jet skiing, parasailing, horseback riding, and more.  Because it is a private island, it is very "organized" and caters to the cruisers and includes complimentary food, with bars offering cocktails at the same prices as on the ships.  There are paved paths, making it accessible to those needing assistance. 

The beach has a beautiful roped-off swim area the entire length, and is no deeper than approximately 6' near the ropes.  It is as clear as an aquarium, but you will have to take a snorkel tour to find any marine life, as this beach is pure whie sand and no coral to create a haven for fish. The complimentary beach chairs may be crowded near the entrance, but walking down the beach will find you plenty of room for everyone. There is limited shade along the beach, but private cabanas and clamshells with chairs are available to rent for the day.  there are also numerous rope hammocks, too.

Half Moon Cay gives cruisers a great excuse to spend the day off the ship!

If all you are looking for is to walk around a beach, swim or sit in the sun, this port is for you.  It is great for a relaxing day.  That is about all there is to do.  The men will love it!  There are no pushy vendors for your wife to spend your money with.