Besides the obvious travel books about the Bahamas such as Fodor’s, Frommer’s and Lonely Planet, all available from your local bookstore or online, you'll find some interesting books relating to life in the Bahamas, as well as sport fishing, diving and even cooking.

An interesting tale of a family's move to Nassau is told in the stories of "Transition to Paradise ".  Follow a family through their transition to relocate to there Bahamas and what they perceive as their new found paradise.   The book includes local Bahamian restaurants and a guide to fishing in the area.  It's an interesting read.  If you don' t find it at your local book store, you can order it directly from The Dillietree.

For authentic Bahamian recipes, try  the eBook  "Simple to Cook Recipes".  This book is chock full of down home family recipes to download or view online. This resource is available through Bahamas Gateway and is a easy way to start cooking like a true Bahamian.

Other interesting reads are  “A Bahamian Life Story” (Sir Clifford Darling) and “Many Tastes of the Bahamas ” (a cook book by Lady Darling).

You'll find many interesting books on Diving, such as Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the Bahamas,   Tropical Shipwrecks, Bahamas Dive Sites, and Abaco Ports of Call and Anchorage to name a few.  These are all available at your local book stores, or through Amazon.

There are an abundance of interesting books, maps, recipes etc relating to the Bahamian islands and its culture.   Reading about this wonderful and interesting place makes your experience a true Bahamian adventure.