Renting a car

Renting a car is fairly easy in Freeport. You can do so at the front entrance of the airport terminal. Rentals start at $80 per day. Renting a motor scooter, at about $50 per day, can also be a fun alternative.

If you are arriving by Cruise ship and want to rent a car, look into the local Bahamian rental companies, they are usually cheaper and will pick you up at the cruise terminal.  (The larger U.S. companies require you to go to the airport, which will cost you a taxi ride.) 


There will be many taxis available as you get off the plane or the cruise ship and at all hotels.  You can also call one. Taxi's should be metered by law and rates start at $3for the first quarter mile and then 40 cents for each additional mile. For those taxis that have no meters, agree on a rate before you get in.


Freeport Taxi  242/352-6666  1-242-442-9942      786-441-9550  (1242)- 441-9905......(1242)- 533-9483.