The Exumas Land and Sea Park is truely a marine preserve intended for all types of enjoyment.  Scuba divers will be amazed at the quality of diving available.  Crystal clear waters with 100+ foot visibility is the norm.  Water tempratures around 80 degrees make it a pleasant adventure for divers and snorkelers as well.  Since it is a marine preserve and all aquatic life is protected by law, the reefs are in pristine condition and large schools of reef fish can be found at any dive site.  Some of the islands have nature trails for hiking and the visitors center at Warderick Wells is very informative and even has a small gift shop.

Due to its remoteness, access to the park can be challenging.  Most people visit by private boat or one of the few live-aboard dive charters.  Cat Ppalu and Aqua Cat Cruises originating in Nassau both spend a good portion of their cruise within the park boundaries.  Passengers can get a good appreciation of the natural beauty both above and below water that the Bahamian Government wisely decided to preserve many years ago.  The Exumas Land and Sea Park is one of the first of its kind and is one of the largest in the world.

Sea Turtle