Stay at the Mariott Tijuana, its the nicest hotel there.

Next door is a really nice golf course, Tijuana Country Club.  Easy with its wide long fairways and friendly marshals.  It's a real oasis in the middle of the chaos.   Very friendly and casual, they let 7 guys play through.

There are dog races a few blocks away at a casino called Caliente.  It's owned by Jorge Hank, a prominent politician.  He also likes animals as you can see grizzly bears, llamas and other animals cage at the casino.  Go with caution and try to soak it in. 

The Toreo, or bull fights is huge, but only open on Sundays.

During the day head to the beaches (the playas) just west of the bull ring.  There is a very nice long  modern boardwalk heading south from the boarder fence.  The border fence itself has some good art.  There are a few great coffee shops and some Banksy-esk artwork along the walls of the board walk.  No  gringo tourist stuff to do so bring a  book or a Frisbee!   For good fish restaurants walk along on the street side going north (toward the border) from the  7-11. The 7-11 is  located near the cement sitting area overlooking a stage on the boardwalk.  Even the 7-11 has a sitting area overlooking the beach. 

Don't drink Sol beer, it's Mexico's Pabsts.   Eat with the locals, its cheap, safe and pretty good.  Bottled Cokes are everywhere which is a nice change from cans. 

There's a lot of nightlife, so do your own research depending on what you're looking for.  Make sure you get a price for a cab before going, they seem to jack up late at night.

If you need to get there from the airport, take a cab to downtown ~$10 and then the Metro train.  Its $2.50, comfortable and kinda scenic, with shipyards en- route.  And yes, you can get back on a drivers licence, at least at July 2007.

Buena Suerte