Top ten things to know to have a great time in Rocky Point T

The beach is shallow, the water is clean and warm, the proximity to Arizona can't be beat.

1) Border Crossing back to the US Sunday mid day will have a long wait -Either go very early Sunday morning (it opens at 6am) or after dinner or better yet, stay over Sunday night and hit the border early Monday morning. If you cross Monday at 6am the kids can be in school back in Phoenix or Tucson by 9am and you don't miss much work. 

2) Stop at Ueta at Gringo Pass just North of the border crossing for Liquor/Beer./Smokes. They have great deals. It is located in the coner of the strip mall. There is also a bathroom inside the restaurant at the far North end of the stripmall. The also serve great hamburgers. Another fairly clean bathroom is at the Chevron in Ajo. The best is at the Shell in Ajo on the West side of the road. There is also a clean bathroom at the back of the Pemex in Sonoita located where the road bends to the west just south of the Rio Grande bridge.

3) Bring most of your own food (at least for breakfast and lunch). If you have picky eaters bring all your food.  Better to have your pizza and waffles and spagettios and PB & J and not have to always go to a restaurant. There is a fairly large grocery store called Super Ley that has some staples but caters more to the locals than tourists. Most of the condo complexes have a small shop on site

4) Rent a condo on Sandy Beach-the hotels are not up to par and not in very good locations.  The Sonoran Sea which has a swim up bar and is a little newer than the Sonoran Spa but within the same parking lot.  The Sonoran Sun is at the far west (consider the beach to be located North for all of these directions) end of the Beach.  Princessa usually is the least expensive of the Sandy Beach rentals though is older and individual condos can be showing their wear.  The Sonorans have all of thier buildings located directly on the beach running parallel. The princessa forms a U around the main pool/grilling areas.  Casa Blanca just east of Princessa and has an 18 hole mini golf. The buildings form a U around this.  Las Palmas is just West of the Sonoran Sea . It has a water slide and a good kiddy pool.  The condo's are set behind the beach homes.  Units above the 3rd floor of the Baja and Grande building have beach views and are just behind the houses.  Bella Serena has Condos again behind a row of beach houses.  It can be quite a walk from the far ones to the beach.  The buildings are in a U around some pools.  All the previously mentioned condo complexes are located to the right when you go though the main arches into the Sandy Beach area.  From East to West they are Casa Blanca (white colored) Princessa (gold) Sonoran Spa (Burgudy) Sononran Sea (Salmon), Las Palmas (white and periwinkle) Bella Serena (Gold), Esmeralda (white still being built) Sonoran Sun (orange).  If you go West from the road with the arches you will see the huge Las Palomas complex (purple/orange). They have a lazy river, hammock area and is the most dense.  East of that is Puerda Privada which is a private condo complex that does not allow rentals. 

5) If you want to rent a house , choose one of them along the beach at Las Palmas or Bella Serena which are both on Sandy Beach plus you have pool areas to use. There are also houses just to the East of Casa Blanca though many are not on the beach.  This area would be a second choice.  Las Conchas to the far East of town has primarily single family homes to rent as well as Cholla Bay to the far West of town. 

6) Sting rays and jellyfish .  It doesn't happen often, but if you step on a sting ray and are stung by the barb by the tail, soak you foot in as hot of water as you can stand for a half hour. This will neutralize the toxin.  For stings by jellyfish tentacles scrape off the tentacle and spray on windex (for the ammonia) or put on meat tenderizer. These events rarely happen, but it's good to know what to do.

7) Go on a Sunset cruise .  The pirate boat is great with kids.  The intrepid is loud with lots of exhaust. If you go on a banana boat ride know that often people are spilled off. Some are injured in the process.  ATV's-you wouldn't want a spinal injury to happen there. Most people don't wear helmets or protective gear and many are drunk so even if you are being very safe you are at risk from other idiot drivers. 

8) Get a massage at the Spa within the Sonoran Spa.  They do a great job and you don't feel obligated to carry on a conversation since spanish is the primary language. 

9) Bring toys - fish net with little holes for the kids to catch things with in the tide pools and bring cheap floaties to lounge on in the Sea of Cortez .  Perhaps flashlights so the kids can search for stuff while you and your honey split a bottle of wine after sundown.  The water gets pretty cold in Dec, Jan, Feb.  Most other months people swim though Nov and March can be chilly. 

10) Remember that you are in Mexico .  Things move a bit slower and are run differently than in the US . Cut everyone some slack and you will have a much better time.  The restaurants are not americanized for the most part.  Get auto insurance. Don't drive with open alcolhol of if you are loaded. Besides being unsafe, if you are busted by the police they may try to shake you down to get out of it.  If you are being shaken down and don't deserve it, tell them you will follow them to the police station and ask to speak with the Captain. * Recommended

Reading : The Rocky Point Gringo Guide has lots of history and tips for traveling by car.  Rocky Point is full of Indian and Cultural History so this will give you a good background on what was there before you showed up.