As Monterrey is a Mexican cultural center with a great deal of capital, the city is home to several very good museums.  The Museum of Mexican History is located at 445 Dr. Coss Sur Centro and chronicles the history of the country from Pre-Columbian times to the present.  It is located on the exact spot where the city was founded in the 16th Century, near a natural spring.  Its grounds are very scenic and are often used by residents for picnics by the river.  The museum is home to a vast video and film library, historical archives, an auditorium and both permanent and traveling exhibits.  Guided tours are also available.  The museum is free on Tuesdays, $12 during the rest of the week.  See the the museum's website (in Spanish) for hours of operation and directions.

Another of Monterrey's museums is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) which at fifteen years old is the largest of its kind in Latin America.  The museum is located in a 30,000-square foot building, half of which is used for exhibits.  The other half houses its auditorium, shop, and cafeteria.  The museum has a large permanent collection and also hosts frequent visiting exhibits.  The museum is located at Zuazua and Ocampo streets and is free on Wednesdays.  See the museum's website (in Spanish) for more information. 

For a full listing of Monterrey's museums click here.