This sizeable city-owned stepped amphitheater,  which few travelers know of or make time to visit,  offers a very local and very different experience  ...  just when you think you've seen and done everything in Acapulco.

Though visitors are welcomed to stop by at most anytime,  Sinfonía del Mar  -  or the Sinfo,  as locals call it  -  draws most of its daily fans at sunset;  and on occasion,  there are special pre-planned events such as musical performances and symphony concerts.

In early 2006,  the Sinfonía and surrounding area was given a wonderful facelift  -  for which the City of Acapulco should be applauded;  and today,  many begin to gather there  -  mostly locals  -  just before sunset,  where they sit and share the end of the day.

It's located on the Pacific-side of the  Peninsula de las Playas  -  in the southwest corner of the city,  just above Playa Angosta and not very far from El Zócalo,  La QuebradaLos Flamingos,  or Playa Caleta.

There are no food or beverage stands on the premises (except downhill near Playa Angosta),  though a handful of solo vendors often capitalize on this by quietly offering either or both.  Some people simply bring their own bottled water and snacks;  a few might even be seen having a torta or other late-afternoon fare as the day winds to a close.  For a small fee,  on-site public restrooms (with an attendant who sits by the door) are unlocked and made available from just before sunset to just after.

Again,  it's worth mentioning:  don't forget to bring your camera.

Admission is free;  and taxi-drivers frequently pass by just after sunset  -  for those who might be in need a cab ride.  Everyone should experience the Sinfonía del Mar  ...  at least once.

Here's an aerial view of the Sinfonía;  expand the image (zoom out) to get a better sense of its location within the city:  Sinfonía del Mar.