Located just west of mid-bay and stretching nearly 700 yards along the Costera Miguel Alemán,  this public park is a natural ecologically-protected area which covers 218,000 square meters (almost 54 acres) in the center of the city,  on a patch of land formerly occupied by a hotel of the same name.

In 1979,  Parque Papagayo was officially named and dedicated in honor of Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (1834–1893)  -  a well-regarded Mexican writer,  journalist,  and magistrate  -  and opened to the public in 1981.  Its biodiversity and its facilities combine to allow for sport-,  recreational-,  and cultural-activities;  and it's an ideal in-town spot for children to enjoy an outing with their families.  Joggers,  walkers,  and many just seeking an escape from the hustle-&-bustle of the city often find refuge along one of the parks shaded,  tree-lined pathways  -  which also makes it a great place to people-watch.  The following are among Parque Papagayo's many features:  a soccer field,  basketball and volleyball courts,  a rollerskating rink,  an auditorium,  a library,  public swimming pools,  paddleboat rentals,  three lakes,  a replica of the  Nao de China galleon,  a 65'-high piñata fountain,  a small zoo and an aviary,  a trolley-train which offers short tours of the park,  a section with amusement-rides for children,  and several  snack-&-beverage stands.  Public restrooms are positioned throughout the park as well.

Papagayo is open everyday from early morning until evening;  and its main entrance is located on the Costera,  directly across from the city's huge Mexican flag on Playa Hornitos (which can't be missed).  Admission to the park itself is free;  however,  nominal fees are charged for use of the pools,  trolley- and amusement-rides,  paddleboats (30 pesos / half-an-hour),  and restrooms (3 pesos).   Parking is available,  though limited.

In an effort to draw more visitors,  it appears that the park is currently planning the construction of a newer,  grander aviary  -  and now hosts live family-entertainment music shows (Domingos Musicales) every Sunday evening from 6:00 to 8:00.

For a bird's-eye aerial view of the park,  click the following link;  expand the image (zoom out) to get a better sense of its location within the city:  Aerial Map.