Acapulco is blessed with plentiful sunshine and beautiful weather;  but it can be  hot-and-humid  much of the year,  more so during the summer rainy season.  Year-round temperatures are consistent and reliable,  averaging between high-80s to low-90s (31-35 C.) during the day and low-to-mid 70s (22-25 C.) overnight  -  with July's temps being the hottest.  Rainfall during  'the dry season'  (November through May) is very infrequent.  One could even say that it's rare,  but it can occur  -  typically just a brief passing shower,  and most likely in the late-afternoon or evening/overnight hours.  During the summer months,  especially June through September,  travelers should expect to see frequent though unpredictable rainfall  -  sometimes daily and/or heavy at times (especially when there's a tropical storm nearby).  The months of August and September often have the heaviest rain,  with September generally being the rainiest of the two.  Having both an umbrella and some backup plans for indoor activities is advised.   A reference chart of Acapulco's average monthly temperatures and rainfall,  as well as a current weather report at Juan Alvarez International Airport,  can be found at the website;  and detailed monthly charts of the city's weather,  dating back to 1975,  can be viewed at a website called



More international tourists visit Acapulco during the December-through-April  winter high season  than at any other time of year;  and due to a combination of near-perfect weather and the city's renowned nightclubs,  the period from late-February through late-March has become especially popular (and jam-packed) with vacationing college students on Spring Break.  Naturally,  people living abroad in colder climates seek out warm weather and nice beaches during their snowy season  -  and in Acapulco,  they find both.  Mexican (national) tourists,  however,  flock to Acapulco year-round  -  in especially large numbers for national holidays,  puentes (long holiday weekends),  during the year-end holiday period (just after Christmas through just after New Year's Day),  the Semana Santa (HolyWeek/Easter) break,  and during mid-July to late-August school vacation weeks.  At those times,  travelers are well-advised to reserve hotel rooms as far in advance as possible.  They should expect to see throngs of people in the main-bay area (especially on the beaches) and plan on paying top-dollar for rooms,  cab fares,  meals,  and night-time entertainment. 

For those who anticipate a visit to Acapulco during the period June-through-September, it's worth repeating that the summer months can be very hot and humid  -  and many foreign visitors unaccustomed to the heat and humidity may occasionally find conditions to be uncomfortable or unbearable (especially if staying in one of the city' smaller hotels without air-conditioning).



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