Enjoy Driving From Guadalajara to Manzanillo Is an option for those interested in going to Guadalajara. These are new busses with first class seats like an airplane. The route takes you through the plains, up into the mountains and down to the jungle. An incredible scenic drive Flying into Manzanillo can be a bit pricey, so many tourists make the choice to fly into Guadalajara, Mexico and drive from there to save a bit of money. There are two different highways for part of the way which include a toll road, called cuota and a non toll road, called libre. On the cuota roads, it is smoother sailing with speeds easily reaching 60 to 90 miles per hour for most of the way. There are three tolls to pay while driving from Guadalajara to Manzanillo which are just under $10 US each. The cuota roads are definitely the quickest way to get there and the roads are a lot easier to drive so if your a little nervous, this is the best choice for you. Taking the libre roads has a whole different experience attached to it. It takes much longer to get there and is all opposite direction traffic which means that you have to pay a bit more attention to how you drive, but on the libre roads, you don’t have to pay any tolls. Another great thing about taking the slow way to Manzanillo, is that it is the only way to really see the little towns that you pass and you have the option of stopping and exploring along the way. Whichever way you decide to go, the drive from Guadalajara to Manzanillo is a great way to save money from the flight and to see a bit of the Mexican countryside.