The bottom line is this: Most people visit Mazatlan in order to relax on beautiful beaches in comfortable, sub-tropical weather.  Because of this, it is important to choose the right time of year to plan a trip.

            Although the average temperatures in this Mexican paradise ( Mazatlan avg. temps) stay relatively consistent throughout the year (freezing is never an issue), there are certain months during which life outdoors is much more enjoyable than others.

            The best months to head down south are between November and May, during which time the average high temperatures hover in the low to mid 80s, and rain will rarely disrupt an outing to the beach. 

            Another issue to consider when deciding during which month to visit are the crowds.  The busy seasons are during spring break (late February until the end of March) and winter vacations (December and January).  These four months see the largest influx of travelers throughout the year.

            Rainy season usually begins in late June and continues through September.  The mornings are generally sunny and clouds begin to form around noon with thunder, lightening and rain arriving in the afternoon. It is more humid during rainy season, and there are more mosquitos.  The vegetation surrounding Mazatlan turns a deep green and trees & flowers bloom everywhere. So even during rainy season you can usually count of 3-5 hours of sun a day.

            For a less crowded experience during which time the weather is nice, but sometimes unpredictable (rain or sunshine could fill the day), plan a trip during June or October. 

             You can find a good chart of weather statistics by month for average high and low termperature, amount of rainfall and number of days of rainfall for each month at this Mazatlan Weather Page.  The page also has the current weather at the Mazatlan Airport.