The means for getting to Mazatlan are almost as abundant as the means for having fun when finally arriving.  Access to this resort town can be achieved by plane, car, bus or ferry. 

            The easiest and fastest of the above mentioned options is flying.  There are numerous airlines that service the Mazatlan airport (located 20km south of the city), but because these flights are not in high demand, sometimes the tickets are fairly expensive.  Package deals offer the best rates for flights.  Check with a local travel agent for available package deals.  If a package deal is not an option, consider buying separate tickets from your home town to either Los Angeles or Phoenix, and then purchasing tickets to Mazatlan from there.  Another great option for finding less expensive tickets is searching online through any of the major travel sites (,, etc…). 

Starting January 9th, 2013 direct flights will be available from San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Oakland, CA and Los Angeles on Cal Jet Air. They have great rates starting at $399 R/T (

            After arriving to the airport, reaching the city can be accomplished by either taxi or bus.  Bus tickets can be purchased at the airport (assuming at least five people want to take the bus) for 38 Pesos.  Yellow Taxis (the only ones authorized to pick up passengers from the airport) can also be taken, but the cost is quite a bit more.  The going rate for a taxi into the city is 160 Pesos, and tickets should be purchased inside the airport to ensure this rate. 

           The only option for getting back to the airport, assuming a personal automobile is not available, is a taxi.  Green and red taxis are authorized to take passengers back to the airport.  The average rate is 150 Pesos, but with a bit of negotiating, a lower price can be agreed upon. 

Also if you are staying in the north end of town Pueblo Bonito and beyond) taxis to the airport cost $28 ONE WAY 

            Driving to Mazatlan is possible, but certain precautions should be taken.  Please visit  Driving in Mexico  before planning this type of trip.

            Taking a bus to Mazatlan can be very enjoyable if spending many hours on the road is not a problem.  The average trip from Tucson, AZ to Mazatlan is around 22 hours.  There are many bus classes available, and a good place to start researching such a trip is Mazatlan Buses .

            There is only one ferry option for getting to Mazatlan, and it leaves from La Paz in Baja California.  Departures from La Paz are at 3pm (arriving in Mazatlan at 6am), and the trip takes around 16 hours.  For more information on the ferry, please visit Ferry Website.