The train runs organised tours for grups over 200 people quite popular among domestic tourists because in Mexico there is no train service for pasengers. If you are looking for a slow, leisurely trip, this may be the choice for you, although Tequila is located one hour away from Guadalajara and it is easy to get there by public transport, car, or organised tour.

Tequila has the atmosphere of a small Mexican village.  In the city center, next to the church, it is worth a visit to Mundo Cuervo the visitor center of Jose Cuervo, a beautiful ensemble of buildings in colonial style. There you can take a tour to La Rojeña distillery where you can really learn about tequila and its production process. They also have a restaurant and shops (see It is well organised and they provide useful information. It is much more the type of visit you will expect in some of the best wine tourism destinations.