This is the most expensive museum in Guanajuato, but it is a must-see because it is so unusual. People from all over Mexico visit it, and you are likely to find it crowded with Mexicans and not so many foreigners.

If you take a city bus (marked "Las Momias"), ask the bus driver to point out the street that leads to the museum. You will walk uphill until you see a big stone wall without windows. To go straight to the museum, turn right and follow that wall to its end. Then you will see a lot of souvenir stands. Turn left and walk until you find the ticket window.  If you want to visit the cemetery first, do not turn at the big stone wall, but instead, walk uphill just a little more and you will see the entrance to your right. The graveyard is worth a look if you like that kind of thing.

You cannot get to the museum from the cemetery. You must walk around to the other side and below -- the museum is actually underneath the graveyard! 

The mummies in the museum are rather gruesome in appearance.  They are not wrapped up like Egyptian mummies, and their facial expressions may disturb some people. There are those who find these mummies fascinating and others who look at only a few and then head straight for the exit.

About the Museo de las Momias


The museum is open daliy from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Admission is $2, an additional $1 for still camera and $2 for video camera.