1. Visit the Maya Medicine Museum, about a kilometer north of the central market on General Utrilla.
  2. Visit Sergio Castro's Costume Museum at #38 Guadalupe Victoria (right past the Hotel Catedral -- there is only a door with a number).  Humanitarian, Sergio Castro's Costume Museum Call ahead: 678 4289 for appointment. If the phone doesn't work, drop by at 6:00 PM for a tour in English.
  3. Be sure to visit Chamula and Zinacantan. There are daily tours at 9:30 AM from the Plaza de la Catedral (the cathedral) for around $15.00 U.S. as of February, 2010. This includes all entrance fees and transport.  Raul and Cesar are guides and also provide guides who speak most languages. There is a big Mayan cross in the cathedral plaza where the tour guides are – they will find you if you show up around 9:15 AM. There are also tours that can be arranged at the various tour companies and Las Margaritas Hotel and tour agencies on Real de Guadalupe. This visit really requires a guide, otherwise all the strange things happening will remain a mystery.
  4. Walk to the Guadalupe church to see the sunset. It's at the top of Real de Guadalupe Street.
  5. Visit the store "Nemi Zapata", whose profit goes entirely to the most needy communities. It is on Real de Guadalupe in the third block from the center of town. There is excellent coffee for sale there.
  6. Go to the many places with live musicians: El Cocodrilo on the zocalo or listen to soft music /jazz/folk at La Paloma restaurant from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. The Revolución bar on the north/south walking street at 1st de Marzo has good music nightly and the Perfidia Bar at 66 Real de Guadalupe has entertainment Thursday through Saturday. Around the corner from the Revolucíon on the the street Primer de Marzo is the Dada Club with good jazz and blues. For an artsy homey place to eat and hear music go to the Cocoliche on Cristóbal Colon right off the Guadalupe Walking street.
  7. Visit the Artisania de Chiapas store on the north/south walking street. It is on the corner at the beginning of the second street past the zocalo. It has three rooms and all the articles are made in Chiapas and of very good quality.
  8. Take a day tour to Sumidero Canyon and after that go to the zoo in Tuxtla Gutierrez. It is a beautiful zoo under a canopy of trees with only animals native to Chiapas. There are animals running around on the ground -- harmless ones. It is a three-hour walk through and is very humane and worthwhile. There are many animals that are in danger of extinction and a lovely setting for people and animals alike. The zoo is closed on Monday.
  9. Visit the textile museum "S'na Jolobil", in the ex-convent at Santo Domingo church. It is open Tuesday through Saturday. A fantastic display of local textiles at museum quality and price.
  10. Visit the Huitepec biosphere and see the birds and nature.
  11. Visit the Cafe Museo on Adelina Flores - two blocks from the zocalo.
  12. Go to the Amber Museum near La Merced church.
  13. Go to the women's weaving co-op, Jolom Mayaetik  located on Calzada de la Escuela # 25. Barrio La Quinta San Martín off the old road to Chamula – a taxi will take you for 25 pesos.
  14. Take a tour of the villages Tenejapa y San Juan los Rios and an organic coffee plantation with Esteban, who can be located through the Spanish school, Tierras Maya Language School. You will probably run into no foreigners on this tour. Cell # 044 967 115-6210. 
  15. Go to Orquideas Moxviquil and the reserve of Moxviquil for an extraordinary experience. Periferico Norte #4, close to Ojo de Agua, or an easy walk 1.7kms from the zocalo. Taxi: 25 pesos. Orquideas Moxviquil is a botanical garden with a lake, trails and a greenhouse dedicated to orchids, with over 90 species of orchids, 20 of bromeliads and from hot country. The reserve at Moxviquil offers an exciting 2.2 km trail that climbs up into dense forest with spectacular overviews of the sprawling Jovel Valley. Entrance is free, donations only.  www.orchidsmexico.com
  16. Visit a gallery/store, Santa on Comitan and Tuxtla streets and contemporary gallery, Dolarosa dedicated to gay-inspired art on Calle Bellisario Dominguez, close to the mercado. 
  17. The city mercado it is MUST SEE, especially on Saturdays when many people come in from outlying communities to shop, trade and parade in their finest clothing. A visual delight and one that is perhaps the best in Mexico. Come early and stay late to watch this amazing spectacle.
  18. Na Bolom museum on Vincente Guererro is fun easy and a treat to see photos taken during the 50s and 60s of Lacandon Indians.
  19. JUST WANDER through the streets of this amazing city. Go out at night and walk to the four corners. Or rent a bike and ride after midnight to experience the city from a different perspective.
  20. Get to ALL of these places on bicycle, scooter or motorcycle! All of these can be rented at CroozyScooters on Belisario Dominguez 7 right off of the main Real de Guadelupe. Rates from $25 pesos per hour/$150 pesos per day. Ask for Shelley at 967-683-2223