Below is info from Garrafon March 2014:


All the Garrafon options include all the stuffs as the Garrafon gate that you can find below, and after the description you’ll see the difference with the others.


Garrafon Gate Includes:


• Open Bar


• Lunch Buffet at Garrafón.


• Snórkel, kayaks, hamacs, Pool.


• Lockers y towels.


• Shopping time Down town. (would expect it’s part of the VIP or Royal package and not the Gate price).


Garrafon VIP, $109.00 usd per person includes transportation ferry roundtrip, also all the activities as the Gate plus the VIP lounge, but the menu on this restaurant is Gourmet, the open Barr it’s international open bar, you’ll have access to the Infinity Pool in the VIP lounge and the Jacuzzy area, you’ll have the Zip Line


Royal Garrafon $ 79.00 usd per person includes: Transportation round trip by ferry, all the activities as the Gate, plus the Zip Line.


Garrafon Gate $59.00 usd per person (this is when you just show up at the gate)