One of the more popular places for free WiFi is that national chain of coffee shops, VIP's, famous for it's cheap, watery coffee and free refills. On most nights the place is packed; a lot of students come to VIP's to do their homework in the airconditioned restaurant, laptops on the table, Marlboros in the ashtray and unlimited coffee at 13 pesos per person.

VIP's is located on the Paseo de Montejo in the 'hotel zone' near the Fiesta Americana hotel with another branch in the northern part of the city - Prolongacion Montejo, across from Office Depot and McDonalds, next to Sam's Club - where Merida, Yucatan becomes Merida, U.S.A.

Another spot for free WiFi is Sanborns, a slightly upscale version of VIP's. Their restaurant serves similar coffee, and the menu is practically identical. They have a branch in the Gran Plaza mall, very near the previously mentioned VIP's, and one in the same building as the Fiesta Americana hotel.

A new addition to the local WiFi scene is Starbucks, located in their own small building in the parking lot of the Gran Plaza (north of Merida on the way to Progreso). 

Also, many hotels and B&B's are now providing free WIFI in their establishments, as they know that travelers want it and it's easy to get here from Telmex. If you don't see it advertised on their website, ask!

Some language schools who cater not only to local students but also to foreign visitors, such as the Institute of Modern Spanish in Northeastern Merida, offer free WIFI even to visitors who aren't enrolled students. These language schools are also a great place to learn about cultural excursions and other "insider" information not normally available to mainstream hotels and B&B.

Also, the local Ayuntamiento (City Government) has installed free WiFi in various parks in Merida in different neighborhoods. Look for a sign that says Inalambrica (wireless) or parque en linea (online park). Wireless parks include the Plaza Grande, Parque de la Paz (Itzaes and 59th), Parque de las Americas (Garcia Gineres), Parque de la Colonia Aleman, and others. All you have to do is bring your laptop to the park and enjoy the free wireless!