Ana y Jose's Beach Club is located on Tulum's beach resort strip, south of the ruins.  To get there from points north on the mayan riviera, turn left at the Super San Francisco grocery store, just south from the turn off to the Tulum ruins.  Follow the road past the beach resorts until you see a sign for Ana y Jose.  Collectivos stop at the Super where taxis are lined up as well. 

The Beach Club occupies a nice part of the beach, sandwiched by other resorts/hotels.  It features a large bar/open air seating area, full kitchen, bathroom facilities complete with showers and plenty of beachfront seating options from reclining chairs to canopied beds.  These latter options will cost you a daily rental fee.  Plenty of food and drink options are available, expect to pay a little more than in the resort towns.  Their menu is online complete with prices, however these were found to be out of date at the time.  

The atmosphere is relaxed, along with the clientel.