During the day, you can find the spring break atmosphere (Billygan's Island, Mango Deck) or you can stroll a bit and find a more quiet spot to recline and enjoy the day. If you like lounging at the waters edge and sipping two for one cocktails while striking up conversation you have come to the right place. The beach is safe and mellow with plenty of good swimming. There are a wide variety of water sports and activities available through private operators up and down the beach. Medano Beach is a popular starting point for a trip to the nearby Lover's Beach. You can get there either by boat or kayak unless you're good at rock climbing. The swimming area in Medano Beach is roped off for safety. As always, watch your kids if you bring them, it is Mexico and there are no lifeguards. 

A favorite spot is Billygan's Island, a classic beach bar with roving waiters. The stage show goes off with many audience participation games, drinking games and dancing folies. There are the ever present "vendors" hocking all the usual stuff but they don't pressure you if you just wave them off with a friendly "Gracias no." In the evening another favorite spot for dinner is "The Office", a world famous spot for surf and turf cuisine. The "land between two seas" which is a filet and lobster combo that rocks. The margaritas are huge and are a must try when you visit.

Medano Beach is the happening spot so check it out and have fun.