This is an amazing place.

Think of it-Your flight takes you to Cancun, then you have about a 40 minute drive to Puerto Aventuras. You will notice that this is a nice 4 lane road with the fanciest of Resorts anyplace on earth. On the way to Puerto Aventuras you will pass Puerto Morelos(Not much takes place there-sleepy little town) Then..... the Coconut Grove of Mexico-Playa del Carmen. Nice place if you like crowds, waiting for dinner at the typical tourist trap overpriced, under-portioned restaurants. Much fun, if you enjoy 1 vacation week per year. 

For the traveler who is experienced in different, exciting, off the beaten path...yet luxury craving....There is Puerto Aventuras.

But be aware there are private homes, condos,villas and the resort/hotels. Closed/secured community were you can bike, fish,work-ship the sun/beach, swim w/dolphins, eat at a variety of restaurants and bars.

You have everything you need plus all the American necessities-Like major malls,movie theaters,fast food,banks-all without the rush and cost of the U.S...Go to Europe or an Island and spend thousands on your vacation. Come here and spend hundreds...Also, you have Tulum(an additional 20 minutes south), ruins,beaches that are amazing with bars and clubs on the sand. 

Best of all everyone speaks/tries to understand you. Everyone is helpful.