Because everything is so spread out, it’s impossible to walk from place to place in Nuevo Vallarta. Your best bet for day trips is to get a taxicab. Most of the routes have fixed rates for tourists, and your hotel can call a cab and will usually provide a list of prices.

Many visitors to Nuevo Vallarta end up taking a trip south to Puerto Vallarta, which has a livelier downtown area and nightlife. The trip to downtown PV takes half an hour by taxi and 45 minutes by bus, but you’ll definitely save money if you take the bus (it’s about a dollar, compared to upwards of $15, plus tip, for a taxi.) Taxi drivers also raise the prices at night, so if you want to spend the evening in Puerto Vallarta, you might want to leave in the afternoon.

Renting a car, usually through the airport, is another option. Driving in Nuevo Vallarta is stress-free: there’s a main coastal highway with little traffic, and local streets are never jammed with cars. “Road rage” is nearly nonexistent, because there simply aren’t enough cars to lead to any honking or yelling. One driving quirk to get used to: left turn lanes are, oddly, located on the far right of the street.  Confusing? It will all make sense if you follow the road signs, which are very clear and easy to understand.

To orient yourself before you make transportation plans, take a look at this simple map . It’s really all you need to know about directions and roads in Nuevo Vallarta.