Though your hotel can certainly call you a taxi, there are so many of them in Nuevo Vallarta that you can often just walk outside and hail one by waving. Fares are supposedly fixed for popular tourist destinations, but it’s a good idea to agree on a fare before you get into the cab. Look up the list of fares at your hotel information desk, and if the driver suggests an unreasonable price, negotiate with him.

It is common for taxi drivers to get commissions from certain restaurants if they bring passengers there, so your driver may try to convince you to change your plans and eat at a place he suggests. Know that he may not be giving you unbiased advice, and if he says that the restaurant you want to go to is “closed”, you might want to find another taxi.

If you’re looking to explore the town by taxicab, you can rent one for the day and be charged by the hour. However, at this point you might just want to get a rental car, which can be done at the airport or your hotel. The major American rental car agencies, such as National , rent in Nuevo Vallarta and usually have web sites where you can make online reservations before your trip. Expect the rental to cost $50-$120 a day, although online reservations are usually on the cheaper side. The rental company will also sell you insurance, which you’ll need for driving in Mexico.