The first thing that travelers to Nuevo Vallarta should know about, as far as dining options are concerned, is that there is no town there.  Nuevo is a planned resedential development comprised mainly of large resorts, condo complexes and private residences.  As of now, it appears that amenities for these residents have been somewhat overlooked.  Outside of the resort restaurants, your options are limited.  You will find, however, a small collection of decent establishments in and around the Paradise Village shopping mall.

One of the most popular of these eateries is the Brasil Steakhouse located in the upper level of the mall.  This northern carnation of the Old Town mainstay is a must for meat lovers or those with a huge appetite.  The overall concept at Brasil focuses on providing the diner with an all-you-can-eat taste of many different cuts of meat, all sliced right onto your plate from a sword.  Your choices include bacon wrapped turkey, New York strip, ribs, lamb, chicken wings and carne asada - 12 different options in all!  If you happen to make it through all 12 courses, your server is happy to bring more of whichever favorites you choose.  The various cuts of meat are all prepared kabob style and grilled.

Although the mall setting is anything but romantic or authentic, the quality of the food and service eclipses the aesthetics of dining in a shopping plaza.  Of the few public dining choices in Nuevo Vallarta, Brasil Steakhouse certainly stands as a top-notch option.