There are very few public transportation options in Lake Louise, since most travellers arrive via rental car or tour bus from Calgary (2 hours to the east) or even further away. For travelers who do arrive in the area without a car, the most common mode of transportation is taxi or walking. Lake Louise is divided into two parts: the upper section next to the lake, where the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and Deer Lodge are located; and the lower section, closer to the highway, where you will find all the other accommodations, shops, gas station, and visitor info centre. It's a 4 km walk downhill from the lake to the village, and (naturally) 4 km uphill from the village to the lake. 

There are some shuttle options for use within Lake Louise as well as for getting from Lake Louise to surrounding areas. Mountain Park Transportation operates a shuttle within the village as well as the village taxi service. The village shuttle costs $4 per person (as of Summer 2012), while the taxi is reportedly $12 per passenger, fixed rate.

Since nearby Moraine Lake has very limited parking, even visitors who have cars may wish to use the Mountain Park Transportation shuttle to Moraine Lake from Lake Louise. The Moraine Lake shuttle is $20 per adult (round trip), $10 each for children under 12, and departs every 2 hours (as of June 2014). Moraine Lake shuttle stops are Lake Louise Inn, Samson Mall, Lake Louise campground, Moraine Lake, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise staff quarters, and Lake Louise village. 

 Moraine Lake shuttle sign


There is also a free shuttle to the Lake Louise gondola from various points in the Lake Louise village area during the summer, for those wishing to ride the gondola or dine at the lodge at the gondola base.

In the winter, to get from Banff to Lake Louise, you can take the ski shuttle from Banff to Lake Louise Ski Resort (free with a tri-area pass; see for schedule), and then the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise shuttle between Lake Louise Ski Resort and the Fairmont Chateau (you do not need to be a hotel guest to use the shuttle). The Chateau shuttle is scheduled to run every 30 minutes from 9am to 4pm. Contact the Fairmont Chateau concierge to confirm.