Lake Louise is known as a daytime destination.  Most travelers heading to the area are either going in the winter to take advantage of the skiing or they are going in the summer to take advantage of the long daylight hours.  It often stays light until ten or eleven at night in the summer, making it possible to enjoy hiking and other outdoor adventures late in to the day.  However, there are some nightlife options in the area.  Many of these are located within the hotels and resorts of Lake Louise; these venues generally close at midnight.   Places to know about include:

  • Caribou Lounge, located inside of the Deer Lodge Resport, is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine in the late evening.
  • Explorer’s Lounge, located in the Lake Louise Inn, offers karaoke, rock music and television viewing. Thursday night is "dance night" with a live DJ every week.
  • Glacier Saloon, located in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, offers happy hour and cocktails throughout the evening.
  • Outpost, located in the Post Hotel, is the local sports bar.
  • Sitzmark Lounge, located in the Whiskeyjack Lodge, has live entertainment on weekends during the tourist season.
  • Bill Peyto's Cafe, located at the HI Lake Louise Alpine Centre, has karaoke on tuesday nights in the winter(starts at 10pm), and quiz night every wednesday(starts at 10pm).
  • Lake Louise Village Grill & Bar, located in the stripmall next to the information centre, is always busy on Sunday nights for locals night(get there before 10:30 if you don't want to stand in line to get in). An ok place to have a drink or play pool any day of the week.



  • Visitors interested in a more active nightlife, including such options as nightclub style dancing, may want to consider driving out of Lake Louise and heading to Banff.  Some of the more popular of nightclubs are Aurora and The Dancing Sasquatch.