Sometimes an image or a story suddenly flashes across the internet. A friend will e-mail you a link or a photo that is amazing or cool or just tickles your funny bone. Sometimes they're true, sometimes they're hoaxes, sometimes they're a mixture. Here are some cases where Calgary has "gone viral".

Battle at F-Stop Ridge

Cameras are weapons in this humorous viral ad for a Calgary camera store. It also shows off the landscape of Calgary's Fish Creek Provincial Park. It was probably filmed in the Bankside or Burnsmead area of Fish Creek Provincial Park near the Bow River.

House Movers Destroy Bridge

The Story: You receive a photo with an image of a bridge that collapsed under the weight of a house that was being moved across it. Although the house is intact, on its trailer, the trailer wheels are in the air over the collapsed bridge.

True or false? The image is a real one; similar images were in local newspapers at the time that it happened in 2007. However, the bridge collapsed not because the house movers were incompetent but because of miscommunication. This took place just east of Calgary, in Rocky View County.

Break-dancing Gorilla

Creative editing and a music track turn Calgary Zoo gorilla Zola's playtime into a break dance video.