Many people have special dietary requirements and allergies. This Traveller Article will try to compile information from TA members' reviews that will help diners make an informed choice. Restaurants and menus can change quickly, so phone ahead to confirm that the restaurant will suit you.

Gluten-free, Celiac

The Calgary chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association maintains a list of celiac-friendly restaurants as an MS Word document.  

The Original Joe's chain of restaurants offers a "gluten sensitive" menu; they caution that cross-contamination in their kitchen is a possibility, particularly with deep-fried items.

Ed's Restaurant advertises gluten-free menu items, including pizza.

Feedback from reviewers

18th Ave. Uptown Mount Royal Bed & Breakfast - Haut Cuisine in Alberta (Oct 2012) Notes from review:  "The breakfasts here are delicious. Despite the restriction of my Celiac diet, Ron and Michael produced wonderful feasts for us."

4th Spot Kitchen and Bar : A great place for casual - it's not fine dining (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "... They also strive to have gluten free dishes on the menu."

AlloyA belated valentines dinner (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "...received a hand written list of items I could eat (I'm celiac) - there were plenty of choices...We received red pepper chunks and sliced cucumber to enjoy our humus while other tables received pita bread. (I didn't have to look at something I could not eat)... "

The Bear and Kilt: Poor service and not celiac-friendly (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "..approached [server] to ask if there was anything she could suggest on the menu that would be (or could be adapted to be) gluten free. The rather rude answer was - nothing..."

Beer Revolution Craft Beer & Pizza Bar : Amazing food and drinks (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "...Very happy with the great gluten free options..."

Below Deck Tavern : Love this place! Fun beachside decor, great prices & great service! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "... they were happy to make recommendations for choices that would avoid gluten."

Big Cheese Poutinerie: GLUTEN SCARE - BEWARE (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "...being gluten intolerant, I noticed that they do serve gluten free poutine. I asked what the gravy was made from and the casheir had a blank stare and replied "soy" (which i highly doubt). I've been in pain ever since almost a day and a half later. I don't know if the cook put the wrong gravy on or what but its been a quite painful reaction to the food..."   Poutine with variety (Dec 2012) Notes from review: " Even have vegetarian and dessert poutine." you like poutine and great service? this is your joint (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "my friend with a gluten allergy could eat here because they have gluten free gravy"

Big Star Bakery : A hidden gem! (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...a must for gluten avoiders. The muffins are scrumptious and do not taste gluten free at all! I also stocked up on soft white bread (yes thats right - soft gluten free bread!!) as well as pizza crusts!" You would not know it's Gluten (Aug 2012) Notes from review:"I am not a Gluten free eater but I recently had to get baking for a big event I was doing... OMG talk about fantastic. The Carrot Cake muffin - to die for. The double chocolate chip cookies - fantastic. The bread was light and easy to work with."

Boston PizzaDon't go for lunch (Country Hills Blvd location, Apr 2012) Notes from review: "If you ...have an hour lunch, this is not the gluten free restaurant for you....  one time [I waited] over an hour for my pizza when it was empty. ... The gluten free pizza says four toppings, but it seems to actually be possible to order many of the other styles of pizzas.." Gluten Free???? (16th Ave NW location, Feb 2012) Notes from review: "My wife ordered [gluten-free pizza] and she said it was very good but later that night her stomach was upset ..." 

Broken Plate (Willow Park Village location): Usually enjoy dinner but every so often.. (Apr 2012) Notes from review:  "They offer several gluten free options, however if you are allergic, not just sensitive make sure you really double check your order and be crystal clear with your waiter. We have had issues in the past ... That being said they correct it usually very quickly and without any further issue."

Broken Plate (Kensington location): Great food, great service (May 2013) Notes from review: "As a celiac sufferer, I often find that there is very little on the menu that I can safely eat. But the Broken Plate's menu clearly marks every item that's gluten-free so no worries for me!"

Cactus Club (39 Ave NE location):  Don't usually recommend chains, but...separate veggie menu (Sep 2012) "...separate leaflet [not main menu] lists ... all of the gluten free items :)"

Cadence: Cadence is a good spot for a hearty breakfast (July 2012) Notes from review: "I love the coffee but am often unable to join my fellow gluttons as there is a desperate shortage of gluten free choices."

Calypso's Taverna: wonderful food excellent service(Jan 2012) Notes from review: "Since I'm a Celiac it was wonderful to have a server [Danielle] who knew what I could or shouldn't have"

Cattle Baron (26th St NE location): Lovely (May 2012) Notes from review: "They are good about gluten free options, and are always able to work with your requests."

Cattle Baron (Sundance location): Great Steak - Great Place (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "... if you have dietary restrictions, you need to spend you $$$ elsewhere. One of our party had much trouble finding something she could eat. This is traditional fare."

Cheesecake Cafe (Macleod Trail location): Nothing special (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "... the menu offered some gluten-free options...My friend's [gluten-free] meal was okay, with the exception of the fortune cookie, which was NOT gluten free...We both had the gluten and sugar-free cheesecake for desset, which had a berry topping. The cheesecake was bland, crumbly instead of creamy, and the glaze was so tart and sour it made your lips curl... "

Chianti Cafe (Willow Park Village location) : Amazing in if its reasonable! (July 2013) Notes from review: "I'm celiac and they don't even bat an eye when I mention it , I get the gluten free bread..."

Chianti Cafe & Restaurant (32 Ave NE location): Great gluten free options (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "They even will bring you gluten free bread here :)   "

Cibo : Postive friendly and yummy! (May 2013) Notes from review: "I have a gluten intolerance and I need to follow a strict gluten free diet (like most of my family :) )... I made a phone call to make sure that they ... had gluten free option. ...The staff made super sure that all was good and safe and no contamination occurred...The choice of wine was good as well, but unfortunately they do not carry ciders (being celiac I cannot drink beer)."

Clive Burger : Good burgers! (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "Vegan and gluten free options are a refreshing find."

Chicago Chop HouseNEVER AGAIN! (Aug 2012) Notes from review:  "My WIfe needs a gluten free diet...explained [to waiter] what this meant and he assured us not a problem. When our steaks came out a battered onion ring was on top of 3 of the 4 steaks this included hers! Our waiter just moved the onion ring to the other steak."

The Coup: Best restaurant in Cowtown (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "Many [Calgary] restaurants offer vegetarian and gluten-free options but they are often bland, boring, and not filling. This is not the case with the Coup. The food is absolutely delicious and made with such love and care."  Love this place (Apr 2012) Notes from review: " I am celiac, and I was pleased at how many dishes I could order."

Crave Cookies and Cupcakes (Kensington Road location): OMG Delicous (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "They have delicious GF cupcakes as well..."  So tasty, it's unreal! (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "They also have a gluten-free cupcake that's just as delicious and cakey as any of their traditional cupcakes."

Craft Beer MarketGreat selection - just wish we could make reservations! (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "... 4 options for gluten-free beer!"

Dairy Lane Milk Bar: A winner! (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "My husband is celiac and also has lots of choices (even [gluten-free] hamburger buns!)."  Good food, good service, good place (June 2012) Notes from review: "...some great gluten free and vegetarian options..."

Days Inn Calgary Airport : Very Well (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "I was very impressed the continental breakfast had gluten-free and vegan alternatives! Gluten free cereal and almond milk."

Diner Deluxe : Funky retro cafe (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "... the big surprise was the gluten free biscuit..."

Double Zero : Good gluten free options (April 2013) Notes from review: "I had the gluten free confit chicken pizza. You have to pay a bit extra for it, but it was well worth it!" Gluten Free!! (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "... they have a terrific selection of gluten free on their menu, pay a bit extra for it but it's very much worth it..."

Dragon Gate : Gluten free Chinese food! (May 2013) Notes from review: "We go here all the time with our celiac daughter. They are very aware of gluten issues and the food is wonderful. As their gluten free client base grows so does the gluten free menu. They offer many dishes, such as: ginger beef, sweet and sour pork, salt and pepper chicken, hot and sour soup, stir fried vegetables All gluten free and delicious"

Earls (Shepard Flats location) : Finally have a gluten aware menu (Mar 2013) Notes from review: None.

Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar : Excellent lunch spot (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "...they too have gluten free choices.. [The waitress ] knew the menu and did make gluten free recommendations to us. "

FARM: one of the best experiences ever (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "I went with a friend who has an allergy to gluten and they made recommendations and checked everything to make sure she would me alright."

Globefish Sushi & Izakaya (33 Ave SW location) (Sep 2012) Nice atmosphere and gluten friendly Notes from review: "... I told our server i was celiac and very quickly she asked me if i wanted the rice with Vinegar or just plain rice.. as the chef would accommodate whatever i asked for... I order some sashimi on plain steamed rice and some California rolls that the chef very nicely exchanged the fake crab with real crab and then the server even brought me gluten free soy sauce..."

Globefish Sushi & Izakaya (Macleod Tr location) (July 2013) Gluten Free A+ Notes from review: "I took my friend there ... she has a severe gluten sensitivity. They were EXTREMELY attentive and did everything they could to ensure there was no gluten in anything. They made everything with special rice, special tempura batter, and even soya sauce! I've never been to a sushi restaurant that took so much care into ensuring she wouldn't be exposed!"

Gratitude Cafe: For vegan or raw food people, this is a good restaurant, although slow (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "This restaurant is focused on the vegan/raw food crowd and is celiac friendly as well." 

Hilton Garden InnGreat place to stay near the airport (April 2013) Notes from review: "The [breakfast] was good and we mentioned that my partner had celiac and couldn't have the toast with her meal. We were told they had gluten free bread."

The Himalayan : Great lunch buffet (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "The waiter ... could tell me immediately which dishes were GF [gluten-free] on the buffet; in fact all dishes but two were GF.

Home Tasting Room : Terrible with allergies (July 2013) Notes from review:  " The waitress sounded like a gluten allergy was an easy thing for her kitchen, and basically said the whole menu could be modified. Then she backtracked and took a few options off... When desert came, I specifically asked whether the cracker looking thing had gluten, as it looked suspicious. She assured me that it was fine, but then came back after about three minutes, by which time we had finished a third of the dish ... to say that it wasn't. ... When I was upset and told her that I'd be sick for the entire night, which I was, she tried to make jokes. I couldn't drink my second glass of wine since the nausea kicked in, and threw up before she could bring the bill. So they charged me for the entire meal, all wine, just left $8 off for the dessert. I paid just to get out of there before the real GI symptoms began, but I was fuming. The manager didn't even come over to apologize, just stood in the corner watching her stumble."

The Hose & Hound A very good pub-style restaurant (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "As a celiac sufferer I have to find places with gluten-free items, and the H&H has several excellent options to choose from."

Humpty's (Macleod Tr at 17 Ave S location) : Breakfast for GF [gluten-free] (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "I am allergic to gluten and my friend is lactose intolerant... Most restaurants have a gluten free menu but Humpty's did not even know what I was talking about... I finally asked if I could have 2 eggs scrambled and could the chef make sure no bread or crumbs touched it. I don't seem to have any adverse effects but my lactose intolerant friend ordered a hot chocolate and it arrived with whipping cream on top."

The Gypsy : Worth visiting for the art - the food and service are also excellent & celiac freindly (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...there are excellent gluten-free options that are clearly marked on the menu."

Il Sogno : A real life allergy scare (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "I have food allergies, gluten and shellfish.. I told the waitress a number of times that I had food allergies. First I asked for the gluten free menu and was told that they were able to modify any thing I would like. Then when I was ordering I asked how they would modify a salad that we wanted to split and if the fish had a gluten free sauce... Then they brought the salad - which I started eating until I realised that it was full of CROUTONS. Yes, croutons are made with bread - which I am allergic to....The waitress treated me as I was not there after I said I could not eat anything. No offer of water , coffee, nothing."

Jack Astor's Bar & Grill : excellent all around (May 2013) Notes from review:  "...they had gluten free buns for burgers and sanwiches right on the menu(that is worth a couple of stars right there)."

Jelly Modern Donuts : Yummy (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "... we tried the gluten free coconut cake type donut,so good that we got second,we could not believe it was gluten free..."

Joey Barlow : disappointed (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "We asked for and received a gluten free menu for my partner to order from which my partner did. The foodwas good until my partner took a forkfull of rice and bit into a french fry. Big no-no for celiacs as fries are almost always deepfried in the same oil as foods that contain gluten... the acting manager ... apologized and did comp my partners meal....The manager said all the right things.... I am disapointed that the kitchen is not being careful with food preparation especially when they offer a gluten free menu."

Joshua Tree Cafe : Good simple cafe (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "I ordered the burger without a bun and the person asked if it was because I was gluten free. I explained I was and he explained they use bread crumbs in their burger. He said they had a sliced beef sandwich and they could put it on gluten free bread."

Jubilations Dinner Theatre : They prepared excellent gluten-free food for me and the show was fun (Oct 2012)

Keg Steakhouse (130 Ave SE): Memorable in more ways than one (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "I couldn't have gluten... [Our meal was] brought to us by one of the chef's. He pointed out that my meal was entirely gluten-free, including the au jus for the Prime Rib.... It was a nice change not to have to ask the wait staff about gluten free and then wait until they found out."

Keg Steakhouse & Bar (4th Ave SW): I love steak! (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "This restaurant is great if you have Celiac Disease (like me!) or a gluten allergy. They totall cater to you. If you ask any server, they know all the ingredients of all their products."

Khao San Thai Kitchen : Spirited away (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "Went with a friend who has gluten issues and she had no problems whatsoever with the menu, lots to pick from..."

King & I Thai Cuisine: Celiac/best fresh meat and vegetables (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "They'll make dishes especially for those that are Celiac..."

Kingsland Farmer's MarketThe best Hand-to-Mouth fare in Calgary (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "...this place is apparently chockablock with vendors that know what celiac disease is..."

La Brezza: Outstanding - great gluten-free options (Oct 2012) Notes from review: " La Brezza offers gluten-free calamari, so do try those - exquisite! ... The Canelloni and Manecotti aren't available as gluten-free options because the batter is pre-made. My main gluten-free pasta dish was very good..." A terrific business dining experience (Mar 2012) Notes from review: " gluten-free pasta dish was to die for but by the time the meat dish came I was far to full to fully appreciate the efforts made to make a gluten-free chicken meal for me..."

La Chaumiere : Quiet French Service and Food (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "They make sure my food is gluten free."

Lemongrass: What a surprise in an otherwise grubby strip mall (Nov 2011) Notes from review: "... two pages of gluten-free menu items..."

Libertine Public House : Fantastic Gluten-Free Crust! (July 2013) Notes from review: "The GF-Pizza Crust is the best in the city without a doubt! If you need to eat a GF-diet the crust is not thin and crunchy at this at Libertine."  Good value in downtown Calgary (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "Happily for celiac folks, gluten-free sandwich buns and flatbread bases are available..."

Metropolitan Grill TD Square : Convenient for downtowners, tasty food & nice decor (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "If you're celiac, make sure to let them know. It is not a very celiac friendly place - no gluten free menu or items on the menu... "

Milestone's (Stephen Ave) : Very nice! (May 2013) Notes from review: "There gluten free menu is not that large but good variety compared to a lot."  Nice gluten free choices (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "An upscale chain with nice gluten free alternatives."

Montana's Cookhouse (130 Ave SE location) : Nice servers and good food (May 2012) Notes from review: "I don't eat wheat, but still had a great meal ..."

Murietta's Bar and Grill : Still great (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "My [gluten-free] meal was wonderful and they were accommodating with my food allergies without being a pain in the neck about it. " Always good (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "quite accommodating for gluten free"

Niko's : Excellent (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "gluten free pasta"

NOtaBLE the Restaurant : A great place if you are gluten free (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "My sister is celiac and it is not easy for her to eat out - but here - so many delicious choices!.... We all ate every bite and ordered three desserts to split (as nearly all of them are also gluten-free!)." Amazing food in the neighborhood (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...they are mindful of gluten allergies"

Old Spaghetti Factory : Great value, good food, gluten free options & welcoming atmospere (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "...really enjoyed [my] gluten free Thai chicken dish" Go early for dinner, good value for money, but don't go if you need a gluten-free entree (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "One of our group requires a gluten-free diet. Old Spaghetti Factory has a very uninspiring gluten-free menu so she opted for a spinach salad with chicken on the side. It was absolutely awful!"

Original Joe's (34 Ave SW / Marda Loop location) : Great gluten free wings! (Apr 2013) Notes from reivew: "Love that they have gluten free wings and lots of choices for flavors. Options beyond wings isn't so great for gluten/dairy free people. Offering a gluten free burger is great but [not] when it's a regular burger minus the bun..."

Oriental Palace : Yummy Chinese and Gluten Free too! (March 2013) Notes from review: "It's virtually impossible to find Chinese food that is gluten free but there are at least 50% of the items that can be made gluten free at this restaurant."

Oriental PhoenixVery tasty and gluten free (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "I need gluten free so am always concerned the they eliminate the soya sauce. I also have a shell fish allergy... The waitress was very good about my allergies and ensured that the chef was aware and could adjust the items ordered."

Pasquales: Loved it & will be back (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "Very easy for a gluten free diet to eat here" 

Peters' Drive-In: Peter's is the best burger (July 2012) Notes from review: "I can eat the fries since they only cook fries in one fryer so the fries are gluten free. Also, I order just a burger and eat it as they are gluten free too."

Phil's (17 Ave) : great selection of gluten free food! (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "It is very rare to see a large amount of gluten free food at a restaurant. Normally i see only one or 2 items. At Phil's there was a whole board of gluten free food for me to try. I ended up eating the Nutella crepes. The crepes were gluten free and yummy." 

Phoenix Grill Westhills : great, gluten friendly, family friendly restaurant (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "...our celiac daughter can have a variety of items from their gluten free menu. I discovered this restaurant on the celiac website in calgary. We usually stay clear of chain restaurants as their gluten free can sometimes be - a burger without the bun. However, celiacs know that food needs to be prepared separately from where they usually prepare the regular food or you can get cross contamination. Phoenix grill can even make gf chicken fingers for all those picky kids out there."

Pizza Bob's: What's not to like? (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "they offer Gluten free options" Thank heaven for gluten free pizza (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "I recently was diagnosed with celiac disease so I have gone gluten free.. A friend recommended Pizza Bob's when I was whinging that I hadn't had pizza in what felt like forever .... If you need [gluten-free] and love pizza go to Pizza Bob's." Calgary Gluten Free Pizza - Yummie! (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "A gluten free pizza! That means, it has no wheat flour at all.... I had the newest gluten free offering, which was the gluten free pulled pork...Anyways, the sauce was amazing, and the pizza was the best I ever had at Pizza Bobs" 

Redwater Rustic Grille - Bow Valley SquareGreat Date night restaurant (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "The waitress..was amazing at explaining what was and what wasn't gluten free..They have written on their menu that the flatbread can be made Gluten free as well as the Pasta had Gluten free options. All the sauces for the steak were gluten free but not all the side dishes."   

Redwater Rustic Grille - Northwest : Best gluten free bun I've ever had! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "90% of the menu can be made gluten free - the bun was so so so so delish..."

Ric's Lounge & Grill (COP) : Good food but pricey (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "They were very accomodating for a member of our table who has a gluten-intolerance, although the staff were not overly knowledgeable as to what was and was not gluten-free on the menu."

Rush: Thank you Rush (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "...gluten allergy ... was no problem, they handled it with ease."

Sky 360: A great meal and a great experience - exceptional view! (Sep 2012) Notes from review: " My food was all prepared gluten free and they even did a special custom gluten-free dessert for me that was delicious and very attractive!"  Unbelievable! (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "...they were able to make me a gluten free cheesecake to go with my dinner, and were exceptionally accommodating..."

South Street Burger Company : Burgers and fries: What more do you need? (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "gluten free buns"

Taj Mahal: Celiac and not too spicy! (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "Great for anyone celiac..."

Thai NongKhai : Excellent gluten-free & vegetarian food, great service & good prices! (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "I am hooked on their gluten-free, vegetarian Pad See Yew!"

Tuxedo House B&B : Care, comfort, a real pleasure (July 2013) Notes from review: "I'm gluten intolerant and [the host] happily accommodated this."

Una Pizza + Wine: A+ Food and Service (May 2013) Notes from review: "The best part about Una is that they offer a GF crust, I have been craving a good pizza for a long time now!... The GF crust is thin and crispy, and the toppings were amazing. "  Amazing! (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "We tried the gluten free crust last time and it was still so great!"  Best takeout experience - ever (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "the pizza crust was perfectly Italian in every way, notwithstanding the total absence of wheat"

Vin Room Good gluten free alaternatives (May 2013) Notes from review: " had a gluten free menu - there were a number of choices on the menu."

Without Papers: Mixed experiences here... but several yummy veggie options and gluten free available (Dec 2011) Notes from review:  "Although I do not require gluten free food I always ask for the gluten free [pizza] crust because it is so darn tasty!"

WURST Restaurant & Beer Hall : Beer hall fun for this Celiac (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "...had i asked i would have been able to have a gluten free beer option... I did get to eat from the menu though, which was fantastic. I had the meat and cheese platter (without crackers and bread) and it was delicious"


Lactose / Milk Allergies

Feedback from reviewers

Marble Slab Creamery (Crowfoot location): "So good..." (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "It's great to be able to enjoy lactose free ice cream and I can still choose tasty stuff to add to it..."

Moxies (7 Ave SW location): "They couldn't find my reservation for 15 people!" (Sep 2012) Notes from review: " server ... just assumed I wanted cheese on my beef dip, I am lactose intolerant."


Nut Allergies 

The East Side Mario's chain has long had peanuts in the shell on the tables, and encourages diners to toss the shells on the floor. This can be a problem for some people with peanut allergies. Five Guys, Peanuts Sports Pub (in the Carriage House Inn), and Pete's Peanut Pub have a similar policy.

Feedback from reviewers 

Bears Den : Charming despite wonky service (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I had specified a nut allergy, so was disappointed to see huge cashews on my salad. Sending it back led to a further delay."

Chef's Table at Kensington Riverside Inn: Great food but be careful if you have allergies (May 2013) Notes from review: "On both of the last two trips to the Chef's Table, I have told them in advance of my anaphylactic allergy to tree nuts when I made the reservation and mentioned it again to the waiter. The previous time, I had a dessert that was listed as nut free, which in fact contained nuts, which necessitated an epi-pen shot. This time, I ordered a dessert they said they could prepare without nuts and they brought it out sprinkled with nuts all over the top of it. Because they were visible, I was able to avoid them, but I was shocked that they seem to have a blind spot for allergies."

Chop Steakhouse and BarLook out, flying hot sauce! (May 2012) Notes from review: "The restaurant was extremely cautious about my nut allergies..."

Cibo : Just alright (June 2013) Notes from review: "...after telling the waiter three times I was allergic to hazelnuts the beet salad still showed up with them."

Clive Burger : Allergy Alert!! (July 2013) Notes from review: "When we walked in the door and looked at the menu to decide our order it was then when we saw their fries are cooked in peanut oil. .. we have a peanut allergy in the family. Very disappointed it was not advertised anywhere except on their main menu board in-store."

Double Zero: Do NOT Go Here If You Suffer from Food Allergies (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "..After telling our server three (3) times that I have a severe nut allergy, I went into anaphylactic shock due to cross-contamination of the meal. I administered my epi-pen in the washroom and required an ambulance..."

Five Guys: Review: Make sure you are hungry! (Jan 2013) notes from review: "Make sure you are Not allergic to PEANUTS as they cook the fries in peanut oil and have fresh peanuts in shell everywhere in the main area." A Fantastic Burger (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "free peanuts while you wait for your burger"  If you like hamburgers, this is the place (July 2012) Notes from review: "...the fries are cooked in peanut oil ...if you do have a peanut allergy, steer clear of the place." Best burgers ever (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "The free peanuts in a shell are a nice addition. Would go again and again, just couldn't take anyone with a peanut allergy!" Satisfying alternative to your average fast food burger  (Sept 2011) Notes from review: "The first thing you will notice when you enter the doors are bags of peanuts piled knee high". 

Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie and Bread Shop: Not recommended (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "I have a nuts allergy and then insured me that there was no nuts whatsoever, but it turn out the goods I order all had nuts..."

Model Milk : Wish they didn't fry everything in peanut oil (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...which made it an uncomfortable evening for my peanut-allergic son."

Phoenix Grill (Macleod Trail location): Great first experience! (May 2012) Notes from review: ".... Our server ... was very knowledgeable about the menu, and handled my nut allergy situation very well."

Red Tree : Red Tree Catering (June 2012) Notes from review: "...has yet to realize the issue of food allergies when catering events because it does not list the ingredients in the dishes it serves...a salad that I thought was safe had nuts while another salad had pesto with pine nuts on it. The only way to find out was to ask the staff..."

Vendome Cafe : A nice little surprise in Sunnyside! (May 2013) Notes from review: "We have a nut allergy in the family and they were very aware of it and made sure that we were safe."

Vero Bistro ModerneElegant and Delicious! (July 2012) Notes from review: ".. on the reservation, I mentioned someone had tree [nut] allergies. One of the appetizers had whole almonds on it... And we asked for a creme brulee without hazelnut, which they were able to do, but it came with a macaron. Fortunately we know those are made with almond flour..."

Western Pizza Express - Harvest Hills : Great Pizza and Awesome Customer Service (March 2013) Notes from review: "I have not ordered from them since my daughter was diagnosed with her nut allergy. So I contacted them on Facebook and asked about their food and an allergy. Not only did the owners contact me about their food, and go into the store and contact me again about their ingredients, they also called the house after we ordered to check on how things went with my family!

White Spot : Fabulous and safe for people with allergies (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "... our grandson is deathly allergic to nuts, but especially peanuts...the waitress brought menus and a special booklet which listed every menu item and what type of allergan would be present in the menu item (Peanuts, Eggs, and a whole variety of items that would cause a person to react or become ill). We were very impressed...The only other place [we've been to] that gave as much attention to allergies was Disney restaurants."



Other / Multiple Allergies 

Feedback from reviewers 

Alloy - Birthday dinner (July 2013) Notes from review: "...the last time I had dined there, my shellfish allergy made me sick...This time it was fantastic. I had put my allergies in the reservation and the server knew about them and was incredibly attentive. The server brought us hummus to start and at most restaurants I sit and watch everyone dip their bread (which I can't eat because of my gluten allergy). Not at Alloy, they brought my own little dish of vegetables and spoons for everyone to take out their portion of hummus."

BIG Fish: Fresh, unique tastes (Aug 2012) Notes from review:  "Our group included several vegans and all our gluten concerns were addressed."

The Brasserie : Excellent service! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "Everyone in our party has some allergy, including gluten, egg and/or peanuts. Our waitress was excellent at seeking out information from the chef if she wasn't sure about the ingredients..."

Broken Plate Aspen LandingSub-standard Broken Plate Experience (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "I have a wheat/gluten, egg and dairy allergies and I asked for the dinner menu [for lunch] and received it after staff told me that they would be able to make something off it for me.... I ordered the Alexander sword that the menu says is gluten free. I was told by the waiter that gluten had gotten into the rice pilaf and potato stock and I did not receive the starch portion of my meal"

Buon Giorno Ristorante Italian: An Italian Gem (Sept 2011) Notes from review: "My wife brought it to the servers attention regarding her food allergies, and he was able to make recommendations without having to consult the kitchen."

Cactus Club Cafe (39 Ave NE location) : worst time ever (May 2013) Notes from review: "my wife informed waitress of severe pea allergy. chicken teriyaki bowl came out wife took a bite and loaded with peas. waitress apologized . manager took the plate away and offered no apology. never came back to the table as my wife is pounding benadryl. with epipen in hand. asked for the cheque. waitress said kitchen screwed up order and it would be removed. manager still never came out to see if she was ok. bill came full price told waitress thayt theu almost killed my wife. manager still didn't come out . waitress went to go get manager ...she came out said nothing will be discounted because waitress didn't know about allergy.even though us and my guests s all told her aboit allergy ..."

Candela Lounge : Great Service with one questionable server (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I have a tonne of food allergies/requirements, so I decided to call the restaurant ahead of time [...] It was the day of in the afternoon, and a guy called me back to discuss. He was excellent.He thanked me for calling before hand, said they take allergies very seriously etc. etc. Wrote my allergies down in the book, for the server etc. went into the back to talk to the chef about things he didnt know [...] he made me feel very secure, and taken care of."

Cattle Baron (South): Outstanding from casual lounge to fine dining room! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "We have had a meal on the dining side with food allergy concerns and they really did go out of there way to accommodate."

Charcut Roast HouseAmazing! Watching Chef Connie and team ... (Jan 2012) Notes from review:  "I made reservations at Charcut and notified them of my food allergies. I was impressed that when I arrived they were prepared for me and my allergies..."

Chicago Chophouse : A Caring Restaurant!!!!! (July 2013) Notes from review: " My friend has a fish allergy and gets violently ill if she comes into contact with anything fishy. The waiter was told this and he checked with the kitchen and we got the all clear that anything she ordered would not be in contact with any fish or fish products. I ordered lobster bisque and was surprised that the kitchen asked if my friend had any concerns with my meal and the interaction of fish with the overall meal serving. We were both impressed."

Chili's (37 Ave NE) : We have had 3 bad experiences here (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "Two people in our group received different meals than they ordered. .. one was a special diet request. (She couldn't eat any of it since her request wasn't followed)"

Cibo : There are better places (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "My friend has allergies and the kitchen was not very accommodating."

Cora (Northland Mall) : Wouldn't recommend Cora's if you have any food restrictions! (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "...when I asked for a substitution due to a food allergy [the waiter said that] 'they don't substitute anything!' "

The Coup: Best Healthy/Vegetarian food in Calgary (May 2012) Notes from review: "The food is local and organic, all vegetarian with many vegan options, and largely avoids wheat and gluten."  Delicious, healthy food at reasonable prices - great for vegetarians, celiacs, vegans,and all who loves tasty foood!" (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "... a place that I enjoy going to that is great for vegetarians, celiacs, vegans..."

Craft Beer Market: “Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a non Irish setting.” (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "They make changes to any menu. I have allergies and they accommodate my requests and I ate freely of the delicious food."

Dairy Lane Milk BarTeriffic splurge (May 2012) Notes from review: "...fabulous gluten-free and vegetarian selections, which makes for a great experience when you can order almost anything on the menu regardless of your restrictions..."

Earls Calgary 16th Avenue : A fun Friday Evening! (May 2013) Notes from review: "Attentive to Shellfish allergy!"

Ed's : Incredible Mother-Daughter Lunch (May 2013) Notes from review: "I have severe gluten, dairy, and seafood allergies, so I am usually very weary about where I eat. However, Ed's was fabulous - our server was very attentive and caring about my allergies and so knowledgeable! I love that they make their own gluten free breads in-house - they are dairy-free apparently, too."

Gratitude Cafe: Skip this place - poor service, below average food, expensive (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "They would not accommodate my allergy ... meat-based restaurants regularly go out of their way to not only accommodate my vegetarianism, but also my allergy."  Too expensive! (May 2012) Notes from review: "We are on a gluten, dairy and egg free diet and thought this restaurant would be a good choice..."

Joey Chinook: Superb salads and service (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...extremely aware of food allergies, came back to check if all ingredients in food were okay!"

Joey Barlow : Great food (May 2012) Notes from review: "Staff attentive to allergies/religious concerns..."

Joey Eau Claire: Not bad, not outstanding but good (Sept 2011) Notes from review: "Our server was sure to ask if we had nut allergies as the salad had pecans. It says so right on the menu so not sure if that was really necessary..."

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar - Calgary 4th Ave: Superb (Aug 2013) Notes from review: " I have many food allergies ... The staff ensured that I did not come into contact with any of the foods to the point of speaking to the chef repeatedly just to check. It was very comforting to know that they took so much care."

Keg Steakhouse and BarThe Marlborough Keg on 36th Street; Highly Recommended (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "I realised that Pernod has anise in it and my son has an allergy to aniseed, licquorice, anise, etc. We had just received our meal and my son had just started to eat the vegetables when I told our server ... about my son's allergy and that he couldnt eat the [Pernod] shrimp [appetizer]... it was no problem..."

Kilt & Caber Ale House: Dont seem to care about Allergies or health choices. (Dec 2012) Notes from review: " We told the waitress that I have acid reflux decease and cant have citrus and spices.My friend has a allergy to bell peppers which we also told the server...When the appetizers arrived they were filled with battered bell peppers and onions slices, which doesn't state that, on the menu ... either the server didn't communicate the allergies to the kitchen or the chefs don't seem to pay much attention to allergies and health choices... the lights were dimmed down so low that the peppers weren't noticed till i started eating them, LUCKILY before my friend started eating them. We asked for the manager on duty to come by and see us, Mr McCullogh came to the table basically he accused me of insulting the chefs for asking for the salmon un blackened [because of sensitivity to spices], but agreed the menu should state the other added items to the calamari."

Laurier Lounge : Charming location (May 2013) Notes from review: "[My husband] had wanted to try the poutine but could not, as he is allergic to MSG and 'real' gravy, instead of packaged, is only made at night."

Magic Bowl : Hidden charm in a small place off the beaten path. (July 2013) Notes from review: "They also cater to allergies seriously making people like me enjoy Chinese food who have seafood/shellfish allergy."

Milestones (Market Mall) : Mushrooms (Apr 2013) Notes from review: ". Almost everything on the menu has mushrooms in it. We had someone who was allergic to mushrooms and it was very difficult for him to order...He ended up with a burger.  "

Montana's (Airport):  Decent restaurant at the airport (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "Hard to get 'no dairy' even when asked for and the server wasn't too interested in ensuring no dairy."

Nellies on KensingtonAll day breakfast & a bottomless cup of coffee! (Jan 2012) Notes from review: " our table we had seafood allergies, celiac and vegetarian requirements, none of which were a problem..."

NOtaBLE - The Restaurant :Lasting impression (May 2012) Notes from review: ".... I am a non dairy, non gluten, non meat eater and they didn't miss a beat. It was like they were waiting for me to arrive... "

Olive Garden : EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE WITH A SMILE (May 2013) Notes from review: " One of our group has several food allergies, and both [our server] and his manager were very careful that our staff got exactly what they ordered."

Open Range : Batting 1000 (April 2013) Notes from review: "They took care of my various allergy issues even though it was 8:00pm on a saturday night."

Oriental PhoenixVery tasty and gluten free (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "I need gluten free .. I also have a shell fish allergy... The waitress was very good about my allergies and ensured that the chef was aware and could adjust the items ordered." 

Pang Pang Chinese Food : Really good Chinese and Vietnamese food! Lots of items to pick from. Take allergies seriously.(July 2013) Notes from review: "Great place if you have fish/seafood allergies and want to eat this type of food. I have eaten here many times and they take your allergies seriously and still provide you with delicious food."

Rajdoot : The worst customer service I have ever experienced (Nov 2012) Notes from review: "...I was ordering delivery...and my dad has a garlic allergy... they said they could do all of our dishes without garlic. 1 hour and 20 minutes later, someone else called us to ask "is it okay if some of the dishes have garlic", and said there was only 1 dish they could make on the whole menu that my dad could eat. They hadn't even started making our food for nearly 1.5 hours!!"

River Lee Executive B&B: Gem in the City! (July 2012) Notes from review:"...[host] even makes meals with select ingredients for those who are on special diets such as gluten-free or diabetic diets."

Sakana Grill : Excellent service (March 2013) Notes from review: "...the server (hannah) was extremely accomodating, at one point she even took a picture of the ingriedients of the wasabi for me to make sure it was communicated clearly (I have a soy allergy...). I also couldnt have the reg salad they serve, and she was able to bring me a bowl of cucumber slices, like the tiny ones they put in sushi.."

Shiraz: awesome food and service (July 2012) Notes from review: "The owner gave us a full explanation about the food and all the ingredients as my wife does have some food allergies. Not only helpfull but very interesting."

Singapore Sam's: Exceptional service, good food, so-so atmospehre (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "...we have a family member who is not able to eat MSG. The server told us they do not add MSG to their food but some of the sauces they use has MSG in it. When we ordered he was able to advise us of which was OK and then made the suggestion that they will cook some of the food seperate for my daughter-in-law with different sauces. ... they brought a plate of food for the 3 of us and a seperate plate for her. Essentially they cooked 2 meals for our table with no extra charge. We were impressed and my daughter-in-law said her food was very good - with no headaches later on!"

Stadium KegAlways excellent meals (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "One of us has some food allergies and they always double-check with the kitchen on our food order"

Teatro Restaurantover-priced, inefficient, not- knowledgeable regarding food allergies (Sept 2011) Notes from review: "...asked [waiter] to tell the chef about my [sulphite] allergy and if there was anything in my meal that I couldn't have then I would get something different. ..... Turns out that I had some caesar salad and a little bite of their lobster/pasta salad as an appetizer and one of them had sulphites in it and I ended up having a very bad reaction to it."

Thomson's: Great staff, great food (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "Happy to alter options from the menu to accommodate allergies."

White Elephant Thai CuisineAmazing, authentic Thai food (Oct 2011) Notes from review: "staff ... had no problem accommodating my allergies."

Xocolat : Slow & Shoddy Service (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I couldn't eat onions so asked them to send me a salad without, it took 10 minutes, then they send me a kale dish with even more onions ..." 



Calgary vegetarian restaurants: Buddha's Veggie Restaurant, Cafe Koi, The Coup

And a big thank you to TA member TheVeggieNomad, whose reviews have furnished a lot of the material for this section!

Feedback from Reviewers

Aida's: excellent Mediterranean cuisine (Nov 2011) Notes from review: "My friend needed dairy free vegetarian and had no trouble finding a decent selection to choose from."

Arch Persian Lounge : Great new place for a veggie feast! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "The staff are ...happy to recommend choices that fit your dietary restrictions or preferences. There are lots of veggie appetizers and a salad and main choice. "

Basil: Great food & entire vegetarian menu page (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "The last page of the menu is entirely vegetarian options and don't miss Buddha's vegetarian sub listed on a separate page" 

Beat Niq Jazz Social Club: WOW!!!! Serious wow. (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "... there was a great range of vegan and non-vegan items" (for catered wedding reception at restaurant)

Beer Revolution Craft Beer Pizza Bar : Could be better (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "no [food] options for vegans/vegetarians"

Big Cheese Poutinerie : Canadian delight (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "...has several choices of vegetarian poutine..."

Black Betty: Best Veggie Burger!! (July 2012) Notes from review: "They had one of the best Veggie burgers I have ever had. Not your typical mashed up patty...but, a mushroom cap stuffed with ricotta cheese and tons of other vegetables!!" Good veggie burger (June 2012) Notes from review: "They have a limited vegetarian menu but the veggie burger was certainly a great highlight."

blink Restaurant & Bar: What a treat (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "...risotto was amazing - even though vegatarian did not feel like I missed out on anything" Excellent vegetarian food (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "... plenty of vegetarian options,"

Blue Star Diner : A tasty dinner at a diner! (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I will go back to try some of the vegetarian dishes (there are even a few vegan items). "

Bottlescrew Bill's Pub : Good local brews and food (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "I did notice ... a lack of a vegetarian option so I cannot take my vegetarian friends here."

The Brasserie : The fondue is fabulous! (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "All their frites, and fried stuff is fried in duck fat though so that [is bad] for vegetarians but there are still some veggie options." (Review text edited due to Traveller Article profanity filter.)

Buddha's Veggie Restaurant: Suprising Chinese Veggie (May 2013) Notes from review: "I was a little skeptical about Chinese vegan food, especially Ginger Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork and Chicken Fried Rice. Was I in for a surprise. I was amazed at how close these dishes are to the real deal, especially the Ginger Beef. It was hard to tell the difference." Great vegetarian dishes. (May 2013) Notes from review: "If you like meat or chicken flavours, but not the actual meat or chicken you will be most pleasantly surprised by their soy based pseudo meat/chicken. A terrific vegetarian restaurant." My favourite veggie restaurant in Calgary (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "...separate veggie and carnivorous menus so there is no confusion."

Burger Inn: Most excellent Veggie Burger (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...had a veggie burger.... And they offered a whole wheat bun which was unexpected and welcomed."

Cactus Club (39 Ave NE location): Good veg burger (July 2013) "Around the airport is slim pickings for vegetarians, but at least the Cactus Club had a decent offering." Don't usually recommend chains, but...separate veggie menu (Sep 2012) "... ask for the vegetarian menu card. The separate leaflet lists 10+ veggie choices..." 

Cafe Koi : Vegan heaven (May 2013) Notes from review: "...actually has vegan options that are all good..." Healthy, tasty food - cool space! (Nov 2012) Notes from review: " Lots of tasty options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters."  Excellent food and good entertainment (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...half the menu was vegetarian."

Canada Dosa Corner: Didn't win Calgary's best kept secret for nothing!! (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "A plethora or vegetarian and wheat free options."

Charcut Roast House: Pleasant surprise (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "As a vegetarian, I had pretty low expectations but they had a few veggie options & what I had tasted good." Ambiance nice food horrible (May 2012) Notes from review: "... not much for a vegetarian to choose from, the pasta with goat cheese was way too rich ..." No vegetarian options and wasn't that great (Jan 2012) Notes from review: " vegetarian options at all except the side salad or cheese pretzels. All appetizers and mains had meat. I get that it's a meat place but sometimes nice to dine with my friends so they can eat steak...  "

Chef's Table at Kensington Riverside Inn: One of the best meals I have had in Calgary! (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "... the attention to our party's needs was also outstanding. We required ... a vegetarian menu..."

Chili Club Thai House (NW location) : Great food and great service (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "We are vegetarian and, although there wasn't a huge selection of vegetarian food, the dishes we had were good."

Clive Burger : Amazingly awesome service and food! (May 2013) Notes from review: " I also appreciated the Vegan options..."  Good burgers! (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "Vegan and gluten free options are a refreshing find."

The Coup : One of the best vegetarian restaurants ever (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "...the variety of vegetarian choices is first class. I had a thai vegetable bowl with lime and noodles, it was a perfect meal." One of my only Vegan/Raw options (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...AMAZING [vegan] selection and even some raw stuff..." The Emperor's New Clothes (Jun 2012) Notes from review: " vegetarian restaurant"  Creative veggie cuisine in downtown Calgary (Dec 2011) Notes from review: " ...a vegetarian favourite in Calgary."

Crave Cookies and Cupcakes: Disappointed (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "They didn't even want to consider the idea of a vegan option..."

Dairy Lane Milk Bar: Good food, good service, good place (June 2012) Notes from review: "...some great gluten free and vegetarian options..." 

Days Inn Calgary Airport : Very Well (Jan 2013) Notes from review: "I was very impressed the continental breakfast had gluten-free and vegan alternatives! Gluten free cereal and almond milk. Very appreciated for vegan customers like myself!" 

Diner Deluxe: Not a great vegan/vegetarian place (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...There are [vegan/vegetarian] options, but it's all cooked with the meat"

Fatburger : great fast food (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "excellent veggie burgers"

Galaxie Diner: Same same but different (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "...not a lot of options for a vegan - vegetarians (eggs/milk) peeps will still enjoy it however..."

Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue: Wonderful experience! (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "Not good if you are a vegetarian though!"

Gratitude Cafe: A Haven for Health Foodies (July 2012) Notes from review: "... nutty vegan cheeze toast w balsamic & fresh herbs and raw salad, ...the raw, vegan nutty chocolate almond square for dessert was one of the best vegan desserts I've ever had..."A good casual vegetarian option (Jun 2012) Notes from review: "In a city where vegetarian options are sparse this is a relatively good one...vegan options... "

Green Chili (17 Ave location) : Absolutely awful customer service (Dec 2012) Notes from review: ".. a large bite out of my vegetable samosa only to find that it was a meat samosa. As a vegetarian, I was absolutely horrified... I called at once and was told that they were sorry and that they would put 10% off my next order on my file and send me vegetable samosas right away. Wanting to give them another chance, I just called and tried to place an order and asked to use the discount that had put on file for me. The same gentleman that had helped me the night of their mistake refused to give me a discount stating that he sent out the right samosas and that was all I was entitled to  "

The HimalayanDelicious, very good menu & service (July 2013) "Plenty of choices for vegetarians." A gem in Calgary (Jun 2012) "good vegetarian selection" An absolute Delight (May 2012)  Notes from review: "...great meat and vegetarian dishes..."

Istanbul: Homemade food and wonderful host! (May 2012) Notes from review: "There are several veggie appetizers and mains to choose from."

Joey Barlow: meh...dime a dozen (Aug 2012) Notes from review: "... they did try to keep [salad] vegan for me. Thanks!"

Joey Crowfoot : Overall fantastic experience! (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "The menu doesn't have a lot of options for vegetarian but their edamame and salads are fantastic"

Joey Eau Claire : Vegetarian welcomed (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "This restaurant offers to substitute soy protein (mock chicken) to replace meat in any of the dish on the no extra cost! And it tastes very good."

Keg (Macleod Tr): No vege food (July 2012) Notes from review: "No food for vegetarians..."

La Brezza Ristorante : Food was good. Expected more based on reviews (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "...for an Italian restaurant, the [vegetarian] selection offered was very limited."

Laurier LoungeVery Accommodating =  Very Good (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "My wife is a vegetarian and we did not want the beef or seafood main course choices. The waitress ...substituted the cheese fondue and we loved it."

Madly Organic Cafe and Gallery : Cozy and veg-friendly (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "... the [vegeterian] food is excellent."

Mango Shiva: Good night had by all! (May 2013) Notes from review: "The lone vegetarian in our group was delighted with the wide choice of dishes." Indian food with a modern twist (July 2012) Notes from review: "As I travel with a vegan, finding a restaurant that caters to both a meat-eater and a vegetarian in cattle country can be a challenge... after a few evenings dining there, we had become 'regulars'."

Marathon Ethiopian: Authentic (Jun 2012) Notes from review: "...vegetarian option..."   Love their Ethiopian flat bread (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "I loved that they had both a reasonable vegetarian and non vegetarian selection"

Mercato Italian Gourmet Cultura: Fantastic Italian (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "The server helping us was not only friendly and helpful, but essentially ordered for us, and considering several food sensitivities in the group (including one vegetarian...), came up with an absolutely phenomenal order for us. "

Mongolie Grill : WAAAAY too expensive for vegetarians (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "...even though they give a small discount for no meat, it still cost $20 a plate EACH for just vegetables for dinner..."

Moti Mahal: GREAT lunch visit! Will go back! (Sep 2012) Notes from review: "...I ordered a vegetarian item off the menu, and my husband had the lunch buffet. My food was wonderful -- cooked just right so that the potatoes weren't overly soft or mushy at all.  Great food and good staff (July 2012) Notes from review: "I am a vegetarian and I tried almost everything on their menu. The waiters listen carefully when we order and make sure that the food is made right."

NOtaBLE - The Restaurant: Notable NOT remarkable (Mar 2012) Notes from review: " Not recommended if you are vegetarian and certainly not vegan."

Oak Room: Father's Day Treat! (July 2012) Notes from review: " daughter informed me that the veggie burger was the best she had ever tasted."

Peppino : Really tasty sandwiches! (Mar 2013) Notes from review: "Before visiting Peppino, I never imagined that a vegetarian sandwich could be tasty too....Love their vegetarian sandwiches and the sauces they offer as well. My favorite is their Bocconcini sandwich.   "

Rose Garden Thai: Affordable prices, awesome lunch buffet (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "They have a vegetarian menu section... The lunch buffet [has] several well labelled vegetarian options to choose from..." 

Rouge: A group event at Rouge (June 2012) Notes from review: "It was surprising that there was no vegetarian/fish option and we did have a vegetarian among us."  Perfect for a romantic night out... they also grow their own herbs and produce! (Dec 2011) Notes from review: " We phoned ahead and booked a vegetarian version of the Chef's menu and they had no problem accommodating us." 

Rush:  Several veggie items on the menu and willing to accommodate additional veggie requests (Feb 2012) Notes from review: "There are several veggie appetizers and dishes to share and a veggie main. They were also willing to create addition veggie options for the main."

Saigon Red Sky Vietnamese Restaurant : Fast and Fresh! (May 2013) Notes from review: "...there is even a whole section of vegetarian items..."

Salt & Pepper (Inglewood location): Great food, fun atmosphere (Sep 2012) Notes from reveiw: "...several veggie items to choose from and gluten free options..."

Shiraz : A little tired, but a good veggie meal + ice cream (Apr 2013) Notes from review: "I ordered the vegetable kabob ($15), and it arrived quickly, and was tasty."

South Street Burger Co: Great meat & veggie burgers! (May 2013) Notes from review: "If you're a vegetarian and are sick of the veggie burgers restaurants and fast food places just slapping on their menu to say they have one... Then this place is great for you. The veggie burger was excellent! It didn't fall apart and you could actually see what it was made out of."

Sugo: Get some antipasti and appetizers to share, perfect for a date! (Feb 2012) Notes from review: " I have requested a vegetarian menu in advance for reservations (and it was excellent)"

Sultan's TentVegetarian Sultaness feast! (Jan 2012) Notes from review: "...several vegetarian options to choose from, but I recommend the vegetarian Sultaness feast..." 

Sun Chiu Kee: Horrible restaurant! (May 2012) Notes from review: "We requested a vegetarian dish and it had pork in it. We confront the waitress and she gave us an attitude stating that we didn't tell her it was for vegetarian..."

Surahi East Indian: Yummy food (Jul 2012) Notes from review: "Surahi has good vegetarian menu and can make food according to your taste. Their dal tadka is excellent. I love their Samosas, Aloo Gobi and Kadai Paneer..."

Taj Mahal More than an entire page dedicated to veggie options (Apr 2012) Notes from review: "... lunch buffet ... has all vegetarian options labelled and a vegetarian dinner for two menu option ... or you can just order individual veggie items off their extensive menu...vegetarian buffet dinners on Wednesday nights. If you call ahead... they can also accomodate vegans."

TELUS SparkWorth a look...but watch out for the soup! (Apr 2012) Notes from review: Vegetarian found chicken pieces in cafe's vegetable and cheddar soup.

Thai NongKhai : Excellent gluten-free & vegetarian food, great service & good prices! (Oct 2012) Notes from review: "I am hooked on their gluten-free, vegetarian Pad See Yew!" 

Tu Tierra : Taste of Mexico (May 2013) Notes from review: "This was my 3rd visit here ...I have had only vegetarian choices but they have all been amazing."

Ubu Lounge : Inhospitable! (Dec 2012) Notes from review: "Two of our group are vegetarians who identified themselves as such and ordered accordingly. The waitress brought...two flatbread orders that she presented as the vegetarian order. When they had finished eating, and my husband and I had still not been served, the waitress said, "Actually that was the barbequed pork." Our guest said, "But I'm vegetarian and you served it as our order!" "Oh well," the waitress replied, "There wasn't much pork there.""

Vintage Chophouse and Tavern:Nice Atmosphere, Good Service (Dec 2011) Notes from review:  "...staff did a great job of accomodating my pescatarian diet."

Without Papers: Mixed experiences here... but several yummy veggie options and gluten free available (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "...numerous vegetarian pizza options."

Yellow Door Bistro : Didn't quite live up to our expectations (May 2013) Notes from review: " They have a disappointing lack of vegetarian options, which wasn't great for my friend. She basically had one option and it was pretty average."

Zen-e Lunch Box (formerly Veggie House) : Now known as Zen-e Lunch Box -- good, cheap vegan Chinese food (March 2013) Notes from review: "It isn't easy to find a Chinese vegetarian food and this place offers a good range of dishes."


Carbohydrate Controlled (Diabetes, Atkins diet)

Feedback from reviewers

Bagolac Saigon: Good value, perfect for a pre-movie dinner (Mar 2012) Notes from review: "Many of the dishes do not come with noodles or rice so be sure to ask for a serving if you want carbs"

Grey Eagle Casino Buffet & Restaurant: Seafood overload (July 2012) Notes from review: "...they have a diabetic dessert table."


Halal, Kosher 

Calgary halal restaurants: Brothers Pizza and Donair, Cedars Deli, Royal Tandoori Tikka House, Shawarma Knight

Calgary kosher eateries: Karen's Cafe at the Calgary Jewish Centre, The Bakery at the Carriage House Inn . The Carriage House Inn also offers kosher catering and kosher facilities. 

Feedback from Reviewers

Spolumbo'sSausages are delicious, sandwiches are okay  (Dec 2011) Notes from review: "...for people that don't eat pork, there don't seem to be a lot of options".

Toscana Italian Grill : Amazing! (July 2013) Notes from review: "We are muslims and can only eat certain foods when we go to a restaurant. The server really knew the menu and suggested a few dishes for us."

Vero Bistro Moderne : Wonderful gem (Feb 2013) Notes from review: "When the amuse bouche arrived, I noted it was pork and pointed this out to the waitress (my friend doesn't eat pork). Without missing a beat, the waitress went back to the kitchen and returned with a vegetarian option."