Devonian Gardens reopened at last!

On August 30, 2008 Calgary's Devonian Gardens closed for extensive renovations. The grand reopening celebrationstook place on June 27, 2012.

The gardens, which were first opened 30 years ago, were in need of an upgrade. When the building that they are located in changed owners, Calgary's city council took advantage of the opportunity to renovate the gardens by replacing the mechanical systems in the floor slab, and replacing all the glass in the walls and ceiling. The renovated area will include a children's playspace, seating, events space, and a new horticultural collection. The new window glazing will make the gardens much brighter when they reopen, which means more kinds of plants can be used.

During the renovation, the fish, turtles, and some of the plants are being cared for in the old outdoor pond area, which was glassed in early on in the process. The turtles, which were introduced into the garden by members of the public, not by garden staff, were put up for adoption because they will not be part of the gardens when they reopen. Parks staff beg members of the public not to leave pet turtles at the new park when it reopens; turtles bite the fish, and they also carry salmonella.

Set in the middle of the city, this indoor rooftop garden spans three acres and is home to waterfalls, ponds, fish,  trees, and 20,000 plants. Many bronze sculptures are enhanced by the garden setting. The gardens also contain a playground and a restaurant space.