Alberta is a booming province attracting more and more tourists and residents each year. Lethbridge, located in the very southern part of Alberta, has a population of over 80,000.  This number tends to fluctuate with the school year as Lethbridge has a major university specializing in faculties of Education and Science.  The University is built on the edge of a coulee (there's a new word for most readers). Almost like a ravine, the University is nestled in the side of this coulee overlooking the Old Man River and Indian Battle Park, a perfect place to play ball at the family picnic, take a stroll by bike or stop by the nature centre and learn about the wildlife that live in the area. Connecting  one of the longest (by height) train bridges in North America connects the west side of the river valley to the north side; it's definitely worth a look.

 The great thing about Lethbridge is although it gets very windy, the weather during the summer months is typically hotter than most other cities in Alberta.  Perfect weather for golfing! there are many places to golf, such as Paradise Canyon.  There also are many bike trails in Lethbridge which keep most people of the city fit and active. If you are a camper, there are many areas near to Lethbridge where you will enjoy the great outdoors.

Lethbridge is small, but it has its own airport and has an air show once a year hosting airplanes from all over the world.  It is a great event where fun can be had by all.  If it is in your budget, hiring a local airline to take you on a sightseeing tour of the area is well worth the expense. Air Canada Jazz and Integra Air service the airport to Calgary and Edmonton.

Always looking for new and interesting restaurants? Be sure to check out Ric's Grill.  Once an old water tower in the downtown core of Lethbridge, it is now a young and hip restaurant that serves pretty much everything under the sun - with a nice view.  Make sure to check it out.

On Canada Day, be sure to make your way to Henderson Lake in the inner city and watch the fireworks over the water.  During this time of year, Lethbridge's famous Whoop-Up Days will entertain young and old with the fair ground rides and attractions.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is a place not to miss as well.  The centrepiece of the garden is an amazing reproduction of a 16th Century garden pavilion, built completely with traditional Japanese methods. It's one of the most amazing Japanese structures ever built in North America, and it lies here in Lethbridge surrounded by beautiful gardens and other scenery. A very popular place for weddings, but well worth the visit as a tourist.