The River of Golden Dreams is a favorite summer paddle in Whistler.

Located within minutes of Whistler Village the river winds it's way through the wetlands from  Alta To Green Lake.

Lush riverside foliage leads to spectacular views of the glacier capped mountain peaks.

Most paddlers start out on Alta Lake and head for the river mouth. It's usually a gentle float but with enough twists and turns to keep  you paying attention to what's around the next corner. Beaver and beaver dams, flocks of birds and the not so occasional bear can be seen playing in and alongside the river.

The river's not deep, seldom over your head, it's only 10 meters wide (30 feet) and not physically demanding but you do have to steer your craft or end up in the bushes. Getting temporarily stuck is just part of the excitement. One of the fun reasons people keep coming back is the river is always changing. One day the water is higher and the next it's slow and meandering.

Ask any local Whistlerite about the river and you're sure to see the twinkle in their eyes and a entertaining story about an adventure they've had down this iconic waterway.

Pretty much anything that floats can be seen going down though most people take Canadian canoes or kayaks.

Several commercial operators offer excursions that include river orientation, lessons, all the gear and shuttle transport back from rivers end.


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