Whistler has a public bus system called the WAVE, which stands for Whistler and Valley Express. WAVE busses do run every single day of the year and individuals can purchase bus passes for a discounted rate. However, visitors to the area will probably just want to pay each time they take a ride.

The cost for an adult ride is $2.50 (CDN), students and senior citizens pay $2.00 (CDN), and children under the age of five ride for free. Exact change must be paid when boarding the bus – there is no change available.

The busses travel all over town and can bring passengers just about anywhere they want to go in the vicinity of Whistler. The busses are not available 24 hours per day, but they do run from 5:30 a.m. until 3 a.m. – so there’s a short break in service each day.

WAVE busses can carry skis, and all of the ski racks are located on the outside of the busses. All skis must be put in the racks and not brought onto the busses unless the skis are very short (such as children’s skis), and won’t fit in the outside racks. Boots, poles and snowboards may also be brought on the busses. The busses also have exterior bike racks during the summer months. Bikes must be place on these racks prior to boarding.