Saint John City Market

There is lots of shopping to be done in Saint  John, New Brunswick! From handmade works of art and jewelry to must have souveneirs for your loved ones it can all be found in Saint John. 

At the Saint John City Market you will find an assorment of fresh meats and produce along with art made by local artists.It is a great place to purchase souveneirs, and is a beautiful building. The site is steeped in histoy, a fun fact: the roof of the City Market is an upturned shiptying into Saint John'sshipbuilding history and Atlantic beauty.  The City Market is located within walking distance of other Saint John historical sites such as The Loyalist House, Barbours General Store and King's Square.

Along with the Saint John City Market there are small, locally run shops selling everything from jewlery and clothing to tourist souveniers. In the uptown area be sure to visit gems like Robin's Beadworks, Ten Thousand Villages, Backstreet Records and much much more. 

For more mall-style retail stores, visit east Saint John for McAllister Place, East Point Shopping Center ,and Brunswick Sqaure. MarketSqaure also has shops and resteraunts and can be reached using the indoor pedway that goes from the City Market to Brunswick Sqaure to City Hall and branches off to Market Square.

For those just passing through by car, the most convenient mall and fast-food shopping is located just off-exit at Ex. 119 - Catherwood, west of the St. John Harbor Bridge.  Within sight of the freeway, you'll find two large supermarkets, a Walmart, and the well-known fast food restaurants, less than 1,000 feet from the exit.  There's no traffic congestion, and acres of free parking.