So you want a good breakfast?  Well, there are a few places you can check out while in the Halifax area.

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch (aka Chez Cora) is an amazing breakfast spot.  It's got all kinds of wonderful fresh fruit, crepes, a huge variety of meals, and an awesome atmosphere. It's also a healthier fare than other breakfast spots. The menu is about 6 pages, with only 1 page dedicated to sausage/bacon/ham type breakfasts.  There are 4 locations, Dresden Row in Halifax, Lacewood Drive in Clayton Park, Cole Harbour Rd in Dartmouth, and Bedford Hwy in Bedford.   

Smitty's is always a popular spot.  There are 4 locations, one on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, one on Main St. in Dartmouth, Bedford Hwy in Bedford, and the last is near Clayton Park over by Bayers Lake just outside Halifax.  They have great coffee, and a varied menu.  Be careful going here on Sunday mornings though, the church crowd fills the place up between 11 and 2.    This is a family restaurant, and has something for everybody.  They have a senior's menu.

There's ALWAYS Tim Horton's .  No matter where you are in the Halifax area, you won't be driving for long before finding a Tim Horton's.  Canadian's love the coffee.  You can grab a bagel or muffin and hit the road fast.  At lunchtime, this is a good place for a tasty  soup or sandwich, if you don't like fast food.

The Irving Big Stop restaurant is just north of the Halifax airport, at exit #7 Enfield off the 102 Hwy.  It has a trucker's breakfast that's big, hearty and will fill you up until 6 p.m.!  If you are driving out of the city, and want to get out of town before the morning traffic, this might be a nice alternative for breakfast.  It's just off the highway, and you could eat fast and get back on the road in minimal time. 

There are many restaurants in and around Halifax (Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road) that offer breakfast specials for $5.00.  They would be your traditional eggs, meat, bread and hash browns meal.