Most recreational travelers will visit Sudbury during the summer months.  These months can get comfortably warm, averaging only 16°C (60°F) for a low temperature and warming up to the mid-twenties(mid-seventies Fahrehnheit) during the hottest months.  These relatively cool summer temperature offer a nice respite to visitors from warmer parts of the world.

Late summer and early autumn mark the rainy season in Sudbury , although for the most part, this is a relatively dry location.  The average annual rainfall is below 890 mm (35 inches) and even the wettest months of the year have only about 100 mm (4 inches) of rain.

One of the outstanding traits for which Sudbury is well-known is its frighteningly cold winter season.  In fact, this city is one of the coldest cities throughout the entire world.  The average winter low temperature in the coldest month (January) is below zero degrees Fahrenheit.  From December through February, the temperature rarely crawls above twenty degrees, making winter a difficult time to visit the area except for those people who are fans of freezing.

Travelers seeking detailed information about the Sudbury climate can obtain that information from Environment Canada's Sudbury climate page. 

 Current weather information and forecasts, including up-to-the-minute weather warnings, is available at Environment Canada's Sudbury weather page. (This page is also available in Imperial units, i.e. Fahrenheit degrees.)