Toronto, the capital of the Province of Ontario, is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The city covers an area of 641 square kilometres with a population of 2.61 million in the city of Toronto, 5.5 million in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  Toronto is now the fourth largest city in North America.

Toronto is in the Eastern Time Zone with Daylight Saving Time in effect from the first weekend in April until the first weekend in November.

Purchases are subject to a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 13%. Some items are not subject to sales tax, such as basic groceries, municipal transit and prescription drugs. Other products are eligible for a point-of-sale rebate for the Ontario part (8%) of the HST. This means you will only pay the 5% federal portion of the HST on items such as newspapers, books (including audio books), diapers, children's clothing and footwear, feminine hygiene products, and some prepared food and beverages that are $4.00 or less.

Gratuity in Toronto is similar to the U.S. --15-20% for good service ( e.g. hair salon, restaurant, taxi)