Toronto is a very diverse place where you can experience the world in the palm of your hand.  There are many tourist spots to visit in Toronto, but its real charm lies in exploring its streets and absorbing all the culture that this city can offer you.  What culture, you may ask?  To some people Toronto may lack identity due to the numerous people of all colors and races that have made it home -- but, it's precisely that mix of different cultures that makes Toronto the electrifying city that it is.

You can walk to most tourist spots in downtown Toronto, or you can take the public transit system (TTC), which has a wide network of subways, streetcars, and buses that can take you across the whole city of Toronto for only $3.00.

In general, a good area to stay would be anywhere between the following streets: south of Bloor St., north of Front St., west of Yonge, east of Spadina.  This is the downtown core -- numerous tourist attractions, hotels, shops and restaurants to fit all budgets can be found within walking distance.  It's very easy to just pop out of the hotel to explore Toronto!