Mile-End, voted one of top three districs to live in Montreal by the Montreal Mirror, is a quaint yet contemporary quarter teaming with cafés (Café Olimipico and Caffè in Gamba vie for best espresso), bars, restaurants--from the famous Wilensky's Light Lunch to upscale Greek to vegan--traditional and specialty grocery shops, boutiques, galleries,and hot yoga spots -- not to mention great bakeries and Montreal-style bagels served fresh and hot. Many of its residents are eco-friendly and artistic -- in fact, Mile-End is said to have the most artists per capita on the island. Thus, in summer,  it is not unusual to see guitarists strumming a tune here and there, taking in the estival heat. Well, because Mile-End borders the mountain, Tam-tam, a gathering of randoms drumming up a jam session, is a Sunday tradition both for neighborhood residents and others around the city.

In addition to having a creative populace littered with writers, musicians, actors, shop owners and yoga instructors (to name a few), Mile-End is the epitome of Montreal's well talked about multicultural standard. Historically, Greek and Orthodox Jewish with a sprinkle of Italian, now Mile-End includes Montrealers of all origins such as Caribbean, African, Asian, European and Latin American. Mile-End's cultural and socioeconomic mix also make it an interesting place to take walks.

Three of Montreal's main artery streets, St-Laurent, St-Urbain and Avenue du Parc, can get you to and from Old Montreal straight through Chinatown on to Little Italy, which is a ten-minute walk north on St-Laurent Street.  In-between there are lots of museums and cultural festivities to takes, especially in summer. Once the sun sets, Mile-Enders ready themselves to dine and dance on any one of the aforementioned streets in restaurants or house parties. Joining them is just a matter of slipping into something chicly cool (preferably black) and finding a convenient spot.