Ile d'Orleans is a large island in the St. Lawrence River a fifteen minute drive from downtown Quebec City.  The island is entirely rural with six very small villages scattered along the shore which provide interesting churches to see as well as dining opportunities.  A visit to the island will take about half a day if you drive around it along the shore.  It's only about a forty mile circle but the roads are all two lane and are slow going.  The views of the St. Lawrence River are marvelous, especially at the northen tip of the island, near the village of St. Francois where there is a fire tower you can climb to get a great long distance view.  It's worth going to Ile d'Orleans to get some peace and quiet after touristing around Quebec City, with its crowds of visitors.  The island is simply a beautiful farming area.  Another worthwhile aspect is the opportunity to buy the very tasty local cheeses.  There is a cheese outlet in the village of Ste. Familie which has excellent cheeses for sale, especially those from the Charlevoix region .