Sakar Mountain Tavakli

Tavakli Village is around 70km away from Canakkale and just 22 km from Ezine. This naturally beatiful part of the coastline is best seen from Tavakli Iskelesi, a coastal extension of the village of Tavakli which is on the edge of the Sakar Mountain and approximately 3km inland. The views from this village are spectacular.


The village of Tavakli itself is a rural settlement of whitewashed village houses and a main street. It used to be called Larissa before it was changed to Tavuklu ( Tavuk means chicken ) and its new name of Tavakli.


If you want to get away from it all for a few days then this is as good as it gets. The people are friendly and the coastline is not littered with high rise blocks and modern hotels. The climate here is more comfortable than the scorching heat of the Mediterranean.

Apart from tourism the main economy is agriculture and in particular olive oil production. The olive oil from this part of Turkey is particularly good. The village of Tavakli has three olive oil factories. There are also orchards and fruit and vegetables grow well here too.

Nearby attractions include the old archaeological ruins of Alexander Troas, a city that once rivalled contantinople.