Richmond is an 'island city', situated on the west coast of British Columbia, with a population of just over 200,000.

With the Vancouver International Airport on the northern-most Sea Island, the ultramodern Canada-Line transit system from Vancouver city leading in from the north, and several Fraser River-based docking areas on the north arm, middle arm, & at Steveston on the south arm, Richmond can be accessed easily also via several bridged highways from north, east & south.

Beyond the obvious & progressive look of a typical modern city of its city-centre offices & malls on the central core, Richmond is known for its floral abundance, green parks, and colourful boulevards, cultured for daily by its sizeable & caring parks employees.

From the streets of city-centre, on Lulu island, surrounding avenues, and nearby parks, the floral pulchritude has won many national honours for its beauty among Canadian cities in annual judging.

Walks along the downtown core, the adjacent side-streets, and into parks within a few blocks, are all met with a colourful array of carefully-planned beds & arrangements of various seasonal blooms. As these mature & start to fade, the next seasonal beds are planted, and carried through the full growing seasons. Even through the winter, pansies or other more hardy plants replace the mid-year ones.

From north to south, east to west, Richmond has softened the concrete of modern development with the colours and beauty of nature's petals.

Add to that the surrounding dyke walks, and the many nature trails through wooded interior pathways & parks, Richmond is a great spot to relax & enjoy a west coast visit with everything to offer in one location, from international cuisine, mega-malls, small shops, nature trails, waterside avail, & multi-accommodations.

Haven't visited Richmond, B.C. yet?! You're missing a grand opportunity!!