It is a 20 km drive up a rough road to a parking lot near the summit of Mount Kobau (summit = 1873 m).   From there, you can hike the 5 km Testalinden Trail around the mountain, with spectactular views and one official lookout.  From the parking lot, you can also hike a 1 km trail to the summit, again with spectacular views of Osoyoos and Oliver.  The parking area features picnic tables, an interpretive sign, and a pit toilet.   The terrain is mostly gravel and rocky, with some short steep ascents/descents, and hiking boots would be recommended.  This is a pack-in, pack-out (leave no trace) area and no camping.  This is cattle country and you may encounter cattle, but if you stay well away from them you should have no difficulties. 

 The turn off is about 8 km out of Osoyoos on Highway 3.  Inexplicably, the gate is marked by a green sign referencing Spotted Lake (which is nearby, but not at that gate.