Just being in the Canadian Rockies, hiking, biking and taking it all in will be fun for the kids, but if you want to up the ante on fun, consider some of these interesting activities Canmore has to offer:

Snowy Owl Dog Sled Tours offers visitors a view of the Rockies from their warm perch on a dog sled, protected by warm blankets and being pulled by Canadian huskies. These tours are offered for two hours, four hours, all day, moonlight or overnight. This isn’t a cheap outing, to be sure and probably best for older children who can sit still for a period of time, but it’s a once in a lifetime view of the snowy mountains you might not otherwise ever see. These tours are, of course, only available during the snowy months, roughly November to March.

If your family is adventurous and children at least 9 years old, then a cave tour with Canmore Caverns Limited might be a must-do. Going underground and understanding the unique world of the cave is a challenging, but exiting way to spend the day.

If your children are at least 5 and enjoy a good adventure, consider a whitewater rafting trip with  Inside Out Experience (formerly Canmore Rafting Centre.) This is a beautiful trip for mom and dad to enjoy, as you view the Canadian Rockies from the waters below, but also a fun and adventurous trip for your energetic kids.